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Vol. 1, No.4 - September 2008

Jack DueckWelcome to Bits and Pieces, EAA's e-newsletter and monthly information digest for builders and fliers in Canada. If you have an idea or suggestion for the newsletter, send an e-mail to EAABitsandPieces@eaa.org. We also encourage you to forward your copy to your aviation friends and invite them to subscribe at the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

I'd like to open this month's newsletter with a piece submitted by Paul Gregory, who serves as treasurer of EAA Chapter 1410, High River, Alberta. Paul feels pretty strongly that aviation enthusiasts epitomize the word "passion," and uses the example of Peter and Polly Vacher and their incredible restoration of a Hawker Hurricane as evidence. I hope you enjoy it, along with the rest of our September edition. - Jack Dueck, Editor

The Ultimate Homebuilt Restoration - a Hawker Hurricane Mark I
Hawker Hurricane Mark IDear Editors, Roget's Thesaurus:
In your next edition, I respectfully submit that the noun "passion" needs another synonym: "Aviation enthusiast." You see, the rest of the English-speaking world needs to know that "passion" is the only word that comes close to describing the irrational emotion that drives normally logical and sane people to become so devoted, focused, and ardent in immersing themselves into planes, pilots, and their histories. As evidence I submit for your consideration Peter and Polly Vacher, with whom I became acquainted with during my trip to the U.K. this summer. They are a couple that exemplifies this passion. Read more
Down Memory Lane: "Lancs In The Fifties"
Down Memory Lane: "Lancs In The Fifties"On August 22-23, large crowds gathered at the Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum to enjoy and remember the legacy and the role that our beloved Lancasters played post-World War II.

Following their wartime service, more than 100 Canadian-built Lancaster bombers were converted to post-war configurations and served in a variety of roles with the RCAF - including Cold War reconnaissance patrols; search and rescue missions; photography and mapping; and ice patrols in the Arctic.

The celebration's theme was to offer a 'Tribute to the air crew, ground crew, and the Lancaster Mk X's that served with the post-war Royal Canadian Air Force."  Read more

A Time Warp: From Brodhead to Oshkosh
by Kathy Lubitz, President of the Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada (UPAC)
Pietenpols In July, Ed and I took some time off and went to the Brodhead Pietenpol Association Fly-in in Brodhead, Wisconsin, and then to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, also in Wisconsin. The two events are at opposite ends of the aviation event spectrum.

Brodhead and Pietenpols
The Brodhead Airport has no paved runways and lots of individual hangers full of special projects and antique airplanes. The airport tenants and the local EAA chapter hosted both the Pietenpol Fly-in and the Hatz Biplane group on the July 26th weekend.  Read more

More Canadian Aircraft Award Winners at Oshkosh
NOTE: In last months issue, we missed several Canadian aircraft award winners from this year's EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Congratulations to everyone, and we apologize for not including them last month. - Jack
Turbo Grizzly C-GZLY
Judges Choice: 2008 Turbo Grizzly C-GZLY by Vincent Gagnon and Bruce Youngblood, Quebec City, QC.
2006 Seatabria C-GSCN
Outstanding Homebuilt Plaque: 2006 Seatabria C-GSCN by Steve Carlson, Thunder Bay, ON.
941 Tiger Moth C-FTBS
Bronze Age Outstanding Open Cockpit Biplane: 1941 Tiger Moth C-FTBS by Curtis Arnold, Toronto, ON.
Canadian Home Rotors Safari C-FMSP
Gold Lindy Grand Champion: Canadian Home Rotors Safari C-FMSP by Al Rulton, London, ON.
EAA SportAir Workshops in Canada!
Three EAA SportAir Workshops are tentatively being planned in two central Canada locations this fall. All three will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 18-19, and include:
  • Toronto: Sheet Metal Basics, at Kitplane Builders, #5 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga, ON, and:
  • Ottawa: Electronics/avionics, and Amateur-Built Aircraft Inspections, at the EAA Chapter 245 Hangar - Carp Airport, Carp, ON

SportAir Workshops in CanadaThese two-day structured workshops are designed to help you build and maintain your amateur-built aircraft. These comprehensive courses provide students with an incredible amount of knowledge and confidence. Course sizes are limited so that students can receive individual instruction and help. The fee for each course is $300 Can. and includes materials, tools and workbook. Students will receive an EAA SportAir Certificate upon course completion. For additional information, contact EAA SportAir Workshops at 800-967-5746, e-mail sportair@eaa.org, or download your registration form here.  (Read more about the courses offered.)

Comments and Evaluations Received From SportAir Students
"I had started my empennage prior to this workshop and it has given me the confidence to continue and to know what to expect. Thank you very much!" - Luc B., Quebec

SportAir Workshops in Canada"Excellent instruction; depth of knowledge, teaching ability, great pace, entertaining! Workshop gave confidence to order and build project!" - Dave M., Alberta

"I will attend any SportAir Workshop in my area. There is so much to learn. Excellent! Well done!" - J. Russel K., Alberta

"Excellent overall experience. This has given me basic information and confidence to begin my project. Thanks for coming to Ontario." - David H., Ontario

"Superb class! Excellent, knowledgeable instructor and FUN FUN class. - Bruce T., Washington

"Excellent Workshop! Found out I enjoy the metal process more than I expected. The next step is more and more fun. What I thought were big steps and time consuming-proved otherwise!" - Jeff K., Saskatchewan

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