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Vol. 1, No. 6   November 2008

Jack DueckWelcome to Bits and Pieces, EAA's e-newsletter and monthly information digest for builders and fliers in Canada. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send an e-mail to EAABitsandPieces@eaa.org. We also encourage you to forward your copy to your aviation friends and invite them to subscribe at the link located at the bottom. 
We have now published six monthly issues of Bits and Pieces, Canada's EAA e-newsletter. It is gratifying to note that our first issue reached some 3,800 Canadian EAA members, and was open to anyone on subscription. It has now grown to more than 6,200 subscribers in these six months. If you have a relevant story or item that we should include in an upcoming issue, why not forward it to the editor at cgyrv@yahoo.com? In addition, if you know of someone who might like to be included in our e-mail list, why not forward a copy to him or her?

As editor, I am delighted in your comments and suggestions. Our goal is to bring stories about people and airplanes to Canadians. I hope you enjoy our format and our stories. - Jack Dueck, Editor

The Ultra-Versatile 'Bushcaddy'
BushCaddyIs this an amateur-built aircraft? Yes, it can be. How about an advanced ultra-light, (AULA)? Again, yes. And we are also producing a model for the American special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) market. Also, do you prefer a tricycle gear or a tail dragger? No problem. Your choice!

A few miles west of Montreal, right off Highway 40, I met Marlene Gill and Sean Gillmore at their fabrication plant with several BushCaddy aircraft under final stages of construction. This is a new and better location for this firm, with more room and better environmental conditions for manufacture and for worker comfort.  Read more

Hints For Homebuilders
Hints For HomebuildersEarlier this year, EAA launched "Hints for Homebuilders" on its website, a series of weekly videos that provide useful, timesaving pointers for people building or restoring aircraft. Each week one or two new "hints" on one of the following categories are posted: General, Sheet Metal, Tube & Fabric, Wood, and Composite. Statistics show that the series has "hit the ball out of the park" in terms of viewer interest. Consider these numbers:
  • Number of weeks - 48
  • Total number of downloads - 325,436
  • Total number of minutes downloaded - 1,178,021 (That adds up to 19,633 hours, or 818 days, or 2.24 years of viewing!)

If you haven't viewed one of these video clips yet, here's one titled, "Safety Wiring," that will give you a pretty good idea of what they're like. To see them all, visit www.EAA.org, click on the multimedia menu, then open the Hints for Homebuilders video player by clicking on the Hints link at right.

EAA SportAir Workshops - Ontario
EAA SportAir Workshops - OntarioThree of the popular EAA SportAir Workshops were held in Ontario centres on October 18 and 19. EAA Chapter 245 of Carp, held two of these workshops - Electronics/avionics and Annual Maintenance Inspection of your Amateur-built Aircraft. Kitplane Builders of Mississauga hosted the third class, Sheet Metal Basics.  Read more
EAA'S Response To Transport Canada's ELT Rule Proposal
EAA'S Response To Transport Canada's ELT Rule ProposalCanadian pilots and owners are aware of the 'Proposed Amendment to Canadian Aviation Regulations (Parts I and VI-ELT) concerning 406 MHz ELTs.' In response to the request for comments, here are two letters sent to Transport Canada on behalf of EAA members. The first addresses American registered aircraft flying into Canadian airspace, and the second addresses Canadian members flying in Canadian airspace.  Read more
Volunteers Sought For New EAA Canadian Council

To better support efforts designed to provide services to Canadian members (like this newsletter) EAA is reconstituting the EAA Canadian Council. The new council will help EAA build on its traditional strengths in Canada, such as homebuilding, EAA Chapters, the Young Eagles program, and the operation of historic aircraft, and will also aim to increase the government lobbying power of EAA in Canada. The EAA Canadian Council will also help plan and implement future initiatives such as enhanced web services for Canadian members, and plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canadian powered flight at AirVenture 2009.

Five members of the new Canadian Council will be appointed by the EAA President from within EAA's Canadian membership and will serve in a volunteer capacity as advisors to staff members and the EAA Board of Directors. If you are interested in being considered, please complete the online application form. Those wishing to apply should have sufficient time to dedicate to an active role within the Council (1 to 2 physical meetings per year plus a number of web meetings and teleconferences) and be capable of analyzing regulations, policies, and issues.

Additional information or questions are welcome at jsmith@eaa.org.

Annual Maintenance Inspection and Sign-out on your Homebuilt

Ask yourself the following question:  After three years of flying my homebuilt, what should my maintenance records look like?

With the privilege of building and flying our own aircraft in Canada, we have each of us, signed a logbook entry in our Journey Log that states: “This aircraft will be maintained in compliance with CAR 625, appendices B & C.” What does this entail?  Read more

Aircraft Spruce Canada Relocates To Brantford
Aircraft Spruce Canada opened doors of its newly relocated warehouse on Monday, October 6, at the Brantford Municipal Airport, 150 Aviation Avenue. This new, 10,000 square foot facility will serve as both a fully stocked distribution warehouse as well as a will call store for their Canadian customers. The Brantford Municipal Airport location will be ideal for both drive-in and fly-in customers.  Read more

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