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Vol. 1, No. 7   December 2008

Jack DueckWelcome to Bits and Pieces, EAA's e-newsletter and monthly information digest for builders and fliers in Canada. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send e-mail to EAABitsandPieces@eaa.org. We also encourage you to forward your copy to your aviation friends and invite them to subscribe at the link located at the bottom.

Happy Holidays to all our Canadian EAA members and Bits and Pieces subscribers. This month's issue turns its focus to the upcoming year, 2009, and Canada's Centennial Celebration of Flight.

A number of celebrations, programs, and projects are underway, and enthusiasm is building. Activities are slated across our country and throughout the year. But of particular interest to Canadian EAA members attending AirVenture in Oshkosh next year will be our opportunity to share our aviation beginnings, history, achievements, and contributions to the world at the greatest aviation venue, Oshkosh, July 27 through August 2, 2009. Plan on it! - Jack Dueck, Editor

THE INCREDIBLE ÉPERVIER PROJECTImagine a group of undergraduate university students in a rigorous, applied science program, attempting a complex project of this nature - one that requires completion within two years for "end-of-program" credits. Can you fathom the research required, the sponsorship demands, the resolution of group dynamic conflicts that must have arisen, and the euphoria of completion and achievement of all expectations?

In early 2006, 12 mechanical engineering students decided to build an aeroplane. Nothing too complicated, right? It was an "end-of-program" project for the Mechanical Engineering bachelors degree at the Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec. This project is designated as a hands-on practicum outside (and in addition to) the structured four-and-a-half year study program.  Read more

BUILDER/AEROBATIC PERFORMER, KEN FOWLERIf you've attended air show performances from Abbotsford to Ottawa, from Yellowknife to 'The Golden West', you have probably seen Ken Fowler and company in action. I met with Ken at the Rocky Mountain Airport in west-central Alberta and we talked about the various activities that occupy Ken's time and passion.

Ken is the manager of this airport and spends his time building high-performance aircraft for himself and other clients. He has built two RV-4's, a Harmon Rocket (that he flies in his air shows), an F-1 Rocket, and is presently building two F-1 Rockets, a modified BD-5, and his own design, a metal take-off of a Rutan VariViggen.  Read more

THE CANADIAN CENTENNIAL OF FLIGHT AND OSHKOSH 2009!On February 23, 1909, at Baddeck Bay, Nova Scotia, John Alexander Douglas McCurdy saw the earth recede beneath him while behind the controls of the Silver Dart. It was Canada's first manned-powered flight, and a century later, on February 23, 2009, celebrations will be held across the nation to honour Canada's and the British Commonwealth's landmark achievement.  Read more
NEW PANEL BUILDER WEBSITE FROM AIRCRAFT SPRUCEPlanning a new panel for your aircraft? With the Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Panel Builder website, you can plan your panel without having to search the Internet and keep track of all your findings. Using drop down menus, you can search a large inventory of avionics and instruments by category, and then save your findings. This tool displays every piece of equipment you will need for your panel, enabling you to get quotes quickly and simplify the ordering process. Visit the Aircraft Spruce website to learn more.

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