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Vol. 4, No. 2  APRIL 2011


If you’ve been flying much lately, you’ve likely been astounded at the cost of gasoline. Perhaps it’s time to consider a supplemental type certificate (STC) for using auto fuel in your aircraft. We’ll tell you how. Plus, the story of the Badass Invader from the Republic of Manitoba. And the Vintage Wings Lysander restoration goes Hollywood! Those subjects are just some of what you’ll find in this issue of Bits and Pieces. Read more


Jack Dueck
No matter where you live in Canada, Vintage Wings “Yellow Flight” will be winging its way near you on their cross-country celebration of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan that taught some 50,000 pilots to fly in just under four short years. Find out how to follow “Yellow Flight” throughout the year. Read more Yellow Wings Across Canada
Yikes! At $1.52 per litre, avgas is getting up there with the price of bottled water! I recently assisted a fellow in obtaining the auto fuel supplemental type certificate (STC) for his Canadian-registered aircraft. I was amazed with how simple the process was and thought I would pass it on to interested readers. There are several holders of auto fuel STCs; EAA is one of them. Read more STCs for Auto Fuel
More and more Canadian aircraft owners and pilots are choosing C-PLAN because they now have a choice. C-PLAN is an EAA aviation insurance plan, administered by Nacora Insurance Brokers Ltd, which covers owners, renters, and even borrowers of aircraft. There are coverage options for standard, amateur-built, ultralight, and kit-built aircraft. Underwritten by Global Aerospace, Canada's largest, most trusted aviation insurer, C-PLAN provides liability-only coverage for pilots with optional non-owned hull coverage, liability hull coverage for specified aircraft, and expanded coverage options that are designed exclusively for EAA members.

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Everyone's getting on board. EAA's C-Plan
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Though they are in fact machines, each and every aircraft type, by virtue of its design, its purpose, and its history, carries with it a unique signature which gives it its own personality. The Supermarine Spitfire wears a thoroughbred, aristocratic countenance that made it the poster child for the Battle of Britain, and by all pilot reports it flew as beautifully as it was designed. Despite all its history and success and its angry moniker, the Spitfire never exuded menace. It was an airplane to love, admire, and rally round - but never to have nightmares about. Read more
Designed as an army co-operation aircraft, the Lysander equipped six Royal Air Force (RAF) squadrons in France for artillery spotting, reconnaissance, and other communications tasks during the first year of the war. This role would largely disappear with the fall of France, but the Lysander would go on to become a remarkable multi-role aircraft. Many Lysanders were converted to target tugs helping to train anti-aircraft gunners in Britain. Others, fitted with air-droppable life rafts, formed the RAF's first air/sea rescue squadrons. Read more Lysander
Hosted by Chapter 1410, High River, Alberta
These two-day workshops are designed to help you build and maintain your amateur-built aircraft. You'll receive an incredible amount of knowledge and the confidence to proceed with your project. Courses are comprehensive, and course sizes are limited so that students can receive individual instruction and help. All course materials, tools, and workbooks are included. Read more
EAA Canada
Sport Aviation, March 1962
A Fine Job From New Brunswick
In Bathurst, New Brunswick, there was a young man who worked in a garage by the side of a country road. That's about 130 miles from the nearest real airfield at Moncton, reported EAA member Don Simmons. But in spite of limited education and living so far from people who possessed aircraft knowledge, this fellow, Harold Hussey, built and flew an airplane of his own design. Not only was it an excellent piece of workmanship, but it was something of an engineering miracle because of the many interesting features and details incorporated by the builder. Read the article
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