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EAA - The Spirit of Aviation

Vol. 5, No. 3 June 2012

What’s on your agenda for the 2012 flying season? Have you been able to fly through the winter, or like me, did you button up your precious ride for the winter. Many people benefited from the mild conditions and just kept going. I was thinking the other day that as we start a fresh flying season a few resolutions might be in order. Read more Ian Brown
Like many in Canada, I had a child go through the Air Cadet programme and I’d like to recommend it to those of you who might be thinking about it. The idea behind the programme is to prepare youngsters for possible enrolment in the RCAF at some later date, or simply to assist in their development into capable, confident adults. Read more AeroWeather
Tanis Aircraft
By Jack Dueck, EAA 337912, for Bits and Pieces
Spring has come and I’m ready and anxious to get my new homebuilt aircraft into the sky; our first flight! I have spent the last few weeks tweaking all the little odds and ends left over from building the project, and it’s now or never! Read more First Flight Checklist
The latest version of the Challenger series of advanced ultralights, the clipped wing XS-65, has been approved for sale in Canada. You may be surprised to learn that more than 4,000 of the Challenger family have been sold since the outset. Read more Challenger on floats
Dick VanGrunsven designed and flew his first aircraft over 50 years ago, giving birth to the incredibly successful RV series of kit planes. RV-1 was recently restored and is destined to be displayed at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It was on display at Sun ’n Fun in April, and has since been on a tour of the U.S. and Canada before arriving for the last time in Oshkosh. For more information including some great photos visit our Facebook page and also check out the tour progress at Don’t forget to click on the SPOT button to find out the current location. Damaged Phillips Head Screw
By Jim Doyle, EAA 151172, since 1980
Did you ever have one of those rotten days when that last Phillips head screw just won’t budge and you managed to gash it up? This is a very handy tip for removing Phillips head machine screws that have rounded slot heads. If you put a small dab of valve grinding compound in the Phillips slots it is amazing how easy most damaged screws can be removed without danger of damage to the adjacent aluminium skin. The grit causes the screwdriver to bite into the rounded screw head. Then replace the damaged machine screw with a new one. Try it some time. Damaged Phillips Head Screw
Do you think you get great value for your EAA Membership? How much do you think it cost 50 years ago? In this month’s From the Archives - on the second page of the document, you can find out in a letter to Paul Poberezny from Holm C. King signing up for membership. As it happens this one was exactly 50 years ago in May. According to the increase in Consumer Price Index, your $40 membership would be costing $75 if it had tracked with inflation from the $10 it cost in 1962. For today’s membership fee we also get a better magazine product, online access to a whole bunch of information and reduced gate fees at AirVenture and Sun ’n Fun. In these days of high demands on our finances we all look for great deals and EAA Membership is certainly one of them. Mr. King also says in his letter, “I knew that there was something being done to help the homebuilder and the forgotten man, the private flyer, but didn’t realize that there was so much.” He would be so much more impressed today. From the Archive
Word of the Month: Royal Canadian Air Force
As you will all no doubt remember, the federal government decided to reinstate the name “Royal Canadian Air Force” in 2011. Recognizing that the name was reinstated 43 years after the change, there are no serving members who ever served under the original name, but at least the press coverage was positive overall and it seems that the return to RCAF was greeted with pride. Read more
AEA Aileron
We have limitless resources to call on but one of my favourites at this time of year is the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh video. You can get your own shot of that adrenaline here as this 2008 film narrated by Harrison Ford does an excellent job of summarizing why we dream of heading to Oshkosh in late July. Check out all the other videos at Multimedia
What better way to learn about topic of specific interest to individual members than by experiencing some of the best-qualified teachers in the world present material through webinars? If you haven’t taken advantage of these presentations before, you can get a good feel for the style and content by reviewing one of the webinars in the archive. Also check out the schedule of upcoming webinars.


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