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From the Editor
Ian BrownChristmas Appeal!
By Ian Brown, Editor - Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

I'll get straight to the point. Consider this a direct Christmas appeal to you personally. Although you might not realize it, many other people might be interested in reading about your aircraft, your exciting flight, your workshop, or neat trick you learned from doing something, especially if it is Canadian in origin. Whether you learned something by making a mistake, or benefited from someone teaching you something new, we'd like to hear about it. If you're a GA pilot with a few thousand hours, perhaps you've learned from sheer repetition, or just developed the sort of flying skills the rest of us would love to learn about. How about writing a "stick and rudder" article, or series on various aspects, like landing on snow, skis or water? Read more >>
Aviation Highlights
STOL CH-750 C-FJNJ The Cleco Diaries
My Latest Build: A Zenith STOL CH-750 C-FJNJ
By J Davis, EAA 588164, Appin, Ontario

Over the course of the last several years, I put approximately 130 hours on my flying, scratch-built Sonex. It is a great plane and performs exactly as advertised. The 39-198 mph stall-to-VNE envelope is the best out there and the aerobatic capabilities are thrilling. But I continually missed the "sky jeep" aspect of my 701; high wing, low, slow and STOL. When Zenith announced the newest addition to its line-up, a beefed up version of the CH701 dubbed the CH750, it immediately caught my attention. Read more >>

FAA Part 23 Changes and How They Might Affect Canada
In late November, the U.S. Small Airplane Revitalization Act of 2013 was signed into law. This new legislation is aimed at increasing safety while decreasing aircraft development and certification costs and hopes are it will provide a significant boost to the aviation industry. Since Canada has historically adopted FAA aircraft certification procedures, there seems no reason to assume this one would be any different. Read more >>

Sport Pilots Not Authorized to Fly in Canada
Bob Bogash, a 49-year pilot from Hansville, Washington, asked us whether there was any progress on allowing American pilots to fly light-sport aircraft (LSA) in Canada under the privileges of a sport pilot certificate. Sport pilots are not required to obtain a third class medical certificate and also have less rigorous training requirements. We asked COPA President/CEO Kevin Psutka about it, and he tells us there's no reason to be hopeful right now. Read more >>

Questions Re: MD-RA Stickers on Your Homebuilt
We had an email from someone suggesting that the MD-RA inspection stickers were no longer required for each sub-assembly of a homebuilt aircraft. Having forwarded the question to the MD-RA, this is the response we received from Allan Mahon, president and general manager.

Regarding the first question, the stickers were used as an inspection aid only. They were used for sub assembly "builders" to add traceability for supply of component assemblies to builders. The responsibility to prove continuity of parts is and always was the responsibility of the builder; therefore the procedure to place serialized stickers on your project was eliminated. Note: Beware the builder must be capable to show where his or her components came from.

Second question [in response to the observation that the stickers peel and fade - Ed.], There is no need to save or keep stickers legible after the original Flight Authority has been issued.
Electronics Corner
Electronics Corner Uncontrolled Airspace GA Podcast
You might be someone who likes to download podcasts to listen to while you are tinkering away in your workshop, in the car, or out walking the dog. One item that has come to our attention recently is Uncontrolled Airspace, the General Aviation Podcast (UCAP). You can download copies from their website or from iTunes. To date they have produced more 340 episodes, and most of the content is of interest regardless of when it was recorded.
Builders Tip
Builders' Tip RV-8 Draft Buster
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA Vice President of Operations

My article on the first and only RV-8 on wheel skis was published in February 2012. Now I have another gadget for RV-4 and R-V8. I call it the "draft buster." It serves two purposes: First, it blocks the nasty draft that is almost impossible to get rid of, and second, it reduces cabin volume therefore providing more heat for the occupants. Read more >>
Aviation Words
It's not just that what we in the Commonwealth countries call the circuit differs from the word pattern in the USA, but the actual use is different too.

The FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) states that the standard traffic pattern starts with a 45-degree angle entry to the midfield downwind leg, approaching the pattern from the downwind side.

In Canada, aircraft at uncontrolled airports usually cross the airport at midfield at circuit altitude from the upwind side, joining the mid-downwind leg. Joining straight in on the downwind leg is also permitted. Read more >>


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