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From the Editor
Ian BrownHappy New Flying Year
By Ian Brown, Editor - Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

Greetings on the New Year! This month we hear from some new contributors and some who have contributed before, including two articles from J Davis - pitching a Whirlwind prop and building his first aircraft (a Zenith CH 701) - and Laurie Davis (no relation) who provides an Electronics Corner update on his product CoPilot. Read more >>
Aviation Highlights
Iggy The Cleco Diaries
The First Build - Iggy the Zenair CH 701
By J Davis, EAA 588164

Last month I wrote about my most recently completed aircraft - a Zenith CH 750, but now I'd like to let you know about how this particular "repeat offender" got hooked on homebuilding. My affair with the little aluminum plane I affectionately call Iggy started at the Recreational Aircraft Association (RAA) homebuilt display at the 1998 London air show. Read more >>

The Flying Farmer The Flying Farmer
By Dale Rogers

Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to fly an airplane. But because of the price tag, I kept putting it off; working my farm came first. But after farming for 40 years, I decided it was a good time to start flying. Because if I didn't start by the time I turned 60, 70 would be kind of late to start, and by 80, for sure it would be very late to start something new. Read more >>

Ultralight Flights Into U.S. From Canada - Regulation Clarification
By Kathy Lubitz, President, Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada

Flying across the border in a Canadian ultralight aeroplane requires dealing with multiple U.S. government agencies. U.S. Customs and Border Protection requires advanced passenger information for any flights in or out of the country; eAPIS is the Electronic Advanced Passenger Information Service. A flight plan is also required that notifies customs officials when you'll arrive. Read more >>

The Wind Gradient The Wind Gradient
By Daniel Scopel

Have you ever noticed a distinct change in wind speed on final? It can really challenge your ability to set up for a nice controlled, steady airspeed on your approach. Let us look at an example of what can happen, even in a headwind straight down the runway. You encounter such a wind that significantly diminishes in strength with the change in altitude and this can be described as a wind gradient. Read more >>

Murphy Aircraft Murphy Aircraft for Sale
Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Ltd. of Chilliwack, British Columbia, is on the market, according to company founder and President Darryl Murphy, who started the company in 1985. Asking price is in the $2.5 million to $4 million dollar range depending on how much of the manufacturing machinery the buyer wants. Read more >>

Smart Tool Pitching a Whirlwind Ground-Adjustable Prop
By J Davis, EAA 588164

After a few hours of flying my latest build, I realized that I needed to adjust the pitch on the Whirlwind ground-adjustable prop that pulls my CH 750 through the air. I was seeing about 2,900 rpm at wide open throttle (WOT) and wanted to see closer to 3,200 or so. Read more >>

MR-RA Website MD-RA Updates Website
By Pierre Fournier, MD-RA Regional Inspector, Montreal

With new revisions to the MD-RA website, we have tried to generate one document that contains every step required to construct or to import an aircraft. Log onto the MD-RA website and click the preferred language which takes you to the English or French home page. You will notice in the menu bar there are two new pages, "Construction Procedure" and "Import Procedure". Read more >>
Electronics Corner
Revisiting CoPilot With Creator Laurie Davis
With all the success of the flight planning app ForeFlight, especially the introduction of Canadian charts and a digital version of the Canada Flight Supplement, you may wonder about the relevance of the Canadian-produced CoPilot reviewed a while back. Bits and Pieces contacted the creator of CoPilot, Laurie Davis, who lives in Chelsea, Quebec, and flies a Piper Cherokee out of Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa. He wrote the first version of CoPilot for the Palm Pilot (Remember those?) and was one of the first people to release an aviation app for Apple's iPhone. Read more >>
Builders Tip
Builders' Tip Modifying Tools
You don't always have to live with the limitations of a tool that just won't fit the job. Sometimes the quickest solution is to modify the tool. Here are some examples. Read more >>
Aviation Words
In his article this month, Jay Davis describes having had to make not one but two deadstick landings. He was fortunate enough to have been able to walk away from both, unlike another friend who now spends his life in a wheelchair due to a really heavy landing after an engine-out situation.

Neither of Jay's landings were at all preventable, reminding us all that with the best of preventative maintenance, we must always be ready for a forced landing with no engine running. Read more >>


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