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From the Editor
Ian BrownBuild a Spitfire or Go Camping!
By Ian Brown, Editor - Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

Building a Spitfire! Now there's a project that could interest the most jaded repeat builder. I read an account of a group in the United Kingdom at Enstone Airfield, Oxfordshire, that is planning to build not one but twelve 90-percent-scale Spitfire look-alikes. Not only do they plan to build the aircraft and train the pilots to do formation displays, but they also hope to attract people willing to re-enact the World War II period with ground crews and living history players. Read more >>
Aviation Highlights
Sun 'n Fun Sun 'n Fun - 40 Years Old and Still Growing
By Ian Brown, Editor - Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

The weather was perfect this year for an exceptional Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo, with clear skies, warm temperatures, and no wind.

It took about an hour to get from one end of the show to the other with cheerful volunteers manning the trams, always willing to stop when they could to pick up or drop off, and it's a nice way to get a first impression of the site and the staff. Read more >>

half covered wing How I Became the Canadian Oratex Dealer!
By Jean-Marc Augé, EAA 1014979

I was in a magazine store in spring of 2012 when I came across a European magazine on sport aviation that had an article about a new covering system. Always interested by new material and better ways to do things, I bought it and took it home, planning on a relaxing afternoon to do some reading. Reading the article, I had some doubts, thinking that there must be some hidden negative aspects that were not explained in the article. It sounded too good to be true; but my curiosity was piqued, and I actually called the manufacturer in Germany to find out more about the product. Read more >>

County Airport Imaginary Industrial Expansion Destroys a Real Airport in Nova Scotia
By Larry Bogan for the Annapolis Valley Flying Association, EAA 810261

In Nova Scotia, the Municipality of the County Kings (MOK) has directed the Kings County Airport (Waterville Airport - CCW3) to stop operation after 30 September 2014. The airport has a single 3,500-foot paved runway (10-28) and is in the heart of the agricultural Annapolis Valley 15 kilometers west of the county seat of Kentville. Read more >>
Electronics Corner
Electronics Corner Dynon SkyView 10 Touch Software Release
Oh, those people at Dynon have done it again. Talk about "buyer remorse" in the best possible way. Having put a little D10A in my RV-9A, I have never regretted it, and the modestly priced/sized device has been virtually flawless since installation. Looking at Dynon's SkyView 10 Touch latest software release, you'll find enough features to drool over that selling the aircraft and starting over is a real consideration. Not only is today's SkyView capable of interfacing with your transponder and comms, but the latest neat features in the new software upgrade look amazing. Read more >>
Builders Tip
Builders' Tip Streamline Your Rib Production by Using a Router (Poor Man's CNC)
By Jay Davis, EAA 588164

During the wing construction of my Sonex, while staring at the stack of 48 rib blanks, I realized that I would need to cut a total of 120 large lightening holes. My standard hole cutter, chucked into my drill press, would have done the job, but valuing my fingers and in the name of efficiency, I decided that I would try another tool in my arsenal: my router. So I set about collecting the prerequisite tools needed for the job. Read more >>
Aviation Words
Aviation Words Yoke
You may not have made the association with oxen when flying your aircraft, but the word "yoke" predates aviation by hundreds of years. In fact, the Sanskrit word for a yoke found its way into our language as "yoga". The meaning of that word stems from the idea of being at one, or joined, with the "universal spirit". Read more >>
From the Archives
Border Crossings in 1964
We tend to think that flying across the border to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is more complicated than ever, but the article in the April 1964 issue of Sport Aviation indicates that even then there was paperwork to do. As you will read in this item, members were requested to submit their intentions to EAA months before the fly-in (which was still in Rockford, Illinois, at the time) to get blanket approval from the Civil Aeronautics Board and the FAA to attend the show.


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