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e-Hotline July 10, 2014
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T O P   S T O R Y
FAA to Begin Evaluation of Unleaded Fuels for GA
The search for viable alternatives to leaded avgas is moving to the next stage as the FAA prepares to begin evaluating fuels submitted for testing through the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI), announced today by the FAA. July 1 marked the deadline to submit candidate fuels. Read more >>
FAA to Begin Evaluation of Unleaded Fuels for GA

Mosquito in Flight
On June 16, the world's second flying de Havilland Mosquito made its first flight after a nearly five-decade restoration. See some footage of that first post-restorative flight from a documentary in production about the airplane, and also read about the airplane's history from the Calgary Mosquito Society.

Timeless Voices - Carl Unger (1931-2013), co-creator of the iconic Breezy homebuilt aircraft that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year at AirVenture.

Hints for Homebuilders - Cutting Holes With a Fly Cutter - with Sebastian Heintz and Roger Dubbert from Zenith Aircraft.
Mosquito in Flight

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Paul Poberezny Poberezny Memorial Set for Sunday Before AirVenture
The night before AirVenture's gates open on Monday morning, July 28, before throngs of aviation enthusiasts immerse themselves in the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration, a brief, solemn ceremony will be held to honor the man who made it all possible. Read more >>

EAA Radio EAA Radio Brings AirVenture to the World
EAA Radio, the official radio station for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, returns for its 18th year at convention grounds broadcasting "On the Fly" live and non-live presentations throughout the week on AM 1210 and FM 96.5. Read more >>

Smartphone Paper Airplane See New Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane at AirVenture Innovation Center
There are thousands of flying machines at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh every year, but this year a tiny Bluetooth-powered paper airplane will be getting a lot of buzz. Read more >>

One Week Wonder Homebuilding Ambassadors Sought for One Week Wonder Project
Are you passionate about the many benefits of building an airplane? Do you have a desire to evangelize for the homebuilt movement? If so, EAA is seeking your help. Read more >>

Homebuilts Special Parking for Special Homebuilts
Homebuilders Headquarters will again have special parking at AirVenture for prior Grand Champions, auto engine aircraft, homebuilts more than 20 years old, and for those homebuilt aircraft that have more than 1,000 hours of flight time. Read more >>

AirVenture Online Auction Annual AirVenture Auction Launches July 11
EAA's annual AirVenture online auction begins July 11 and runs through Sunday, July 20. Items available for bidding will enhance your AirVenture 2014 experience or help complete your aviation collection. Your bids help support EAA's programs that educate, train, inspire, and engage our vibrant aviation community! Bid on many unique AirVenture experiences and items, including weeklong golf cart access at AirVenture 2014; a B-17 flight for 10; a signed Tuskegee Airman Captain’s hat; a Hamilton Khaki Pilot watch; and so much more! Check out our great auction items, and get ready to bid!

Embry-Riddle University to Hold 8th Annual Luncheon at AirVenture
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is scheduled to host its 8th annual AirVenture student luncheon on Friday, August 1. The event will be held in the Founders' Wing located in the EAA AirVenture Museum from noon to 1:30 p.m. Participants will enjoy lunch with university administrators, students, and alumni who will be presenting information on career opportunities in aviation, aerospace, business, and intelligence for the 21st century. To accommodate as many interested guests as possible, seating is limited to four people per family. Make your reservation >>

SkyCraft SkyCraft Prepares for Final Certification
Pending FAA certification, SkyCraft Airplanes is gearing up to begin production of its new SD-1 Minisport single-place, special light-sport aircraft at a newly purchased manufacturing facility in Provo, Utah.
Weekly Round-Up
J. Mac McClellan Blog MAC'S BLOG: What to Practice Before Flying to Oshkosh
Flying into Oshkosh is different from the flying we do the rest of the year. The unique procedures of the Fisk arrival have been refined over decades and work very well to get something like 10,000 airplanes into Oshkosh during the convention and the days leading up to it. Pilots who have never made the pilgrimage wonder what they need to know and practice to be ready for the show. The most important preparation is to read the official Oshkosh Notam very closely. No, not closely, study the Notam.
Read more >>   : :   Recent posts >>

Zenith Blog Update ZENITH BLOG: Fuel Flow Testing and a Visit From Jack
At this week's work session we installed the tail number and "EXPERIMENTAL" decals on our staff-built Zenith CH 750, as well as the emergency locator transmitter. We also performed a fuel flow test - something that's not required for certification but strongly recommended for all homebuilders. Sure enough, our testing revealed we need a fuel pump for when the aircraft is in a high angle of attack with minimum fuel on board. (See EAA's webinar on Fuel System Testing.) We also welcomed EAA Chairman Jack Pelton, who visited the hangar to offer his encouragement. Read more >>

Let's Be Safe Out There!
As we all get excited about our trips to Oshkosh, Paul Poberezny's words still have many lessons for all of us who fly:

"Again, I would like to remind you of the high standards maintained by the Experimental Aircraft Association; not only in flying activities, maintenance, and safety, but in convention site cleanliness. Our annual convention has been the spotlight of sport general aviation activities. I would suggest that you look at your pilot qualifications, your cross-country experience and, in particular, the range of your aircraft....Check that your aircraft is clean and well-maintained - a show piece that you can be proud of."
   - EAA founder Paul Poberezny, Sport Aviation, June 1972

Boeing Flight Services Creates Flight Training Awards
Boeing Flight Services is sponsoring three $5,000 flight training awards to EAA members who have completed their FAA written exam and had their first solo flight. Recipients will be presented the flight training awards at EAA AirVenture 2014 by Boeing Flight Services executives. Read more >>

Signature Flight AirVenture Pilots Have Access to New Services From Signature Flight Support
Morning weather briefings, flight planning, and other services will be available in a new location for pilots at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. EAA Pilot Services, presented by Signature Flight Support, will be located in the Federal Pavilion, next to the Sky Shoppe and across from the Homebuilders Headquarters. Read more >>

FAA Clarifies Angle of Attack Indicator Installation Policy
In February, the FAA issued a press release announcing that angle of attack (AOA) indicators would be eligible for certification under industry consensus standards rather than traditional avionics certification rules. Shortly after the press release was issued, EAA wrote to the FAA requesting clarification on the installation of these safety devices, asking whether the FAA would permit AOA system installations as a minor alteration to spur widespread adoption of this technology. Read more >>

Legal Advisory Council EAA Legal Advisory Council Co-Chairman Honored
EAA congratulates retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. R. Patrick Phillips, EAA Lifetime 124466, and co-chairman of the EAA Legal Advisory Council, for receiving the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority's Col. Joe Kittinger Award during the Liberty Weekend celebration at Orlando International Airport. Phillips flew C-7A Caribou aircraft in all areas of Southeast Asia including 850 combat hours in Vietnam, then later flew in virtually every nation in the free world as an aircraft commander and pilot instructor on Lockheed C-141 Starlifters. Phillips is an ATP; a current FAA flight and ground instructor for both single, multi-engine airplanes, and instrument; and is an A&P mechanic.
Industry News & Innovations
Savvy 'FEVA' Gives Advance Warning of Failing Exhaust Valves
Dovetail Games Inks Deal to Distribute Version of Flight Simulator
Hartzell Technologies Ramps Up Jasco Alternator Production
Sporty's Expanding AirVenture Oshkosh Presence
EAA Store
EAA Store Preorder Your Official EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds T-shirt*
Kimberleigh and Paul Gavin's official limited-edition, 14-color screen-printed T-shirt commemorates the event with the four-ship Thunderbirds F-16 diamond in the foreground as the two solos pass behind in a clear blue sky over the colorful and excited AirVenture crowd. Celebrate the historic event with the collectable tee and preorder your souvenir "Thunder Over Oshkosh" T-shirt before they sell out.**
*Officially Licensed Product-Department of the U.S. Air Force
**T-shirts will ship July 14.

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Member Benefits
EAA Member Benefit Member Benefit Spotlight: EAA Chapters
Lindsey Pell, 29, EAA 1072534, was introduced to general aviation in 2010 by her best friend's family. She soon joined EAA Chapter 1310 in Broad Brook, Connecticut, and earned her private pilot certificate. Today she is chapter president with eyes on launching another chapter. "Being a member has provided endless amounts of fun, interesting projects, and ongoing entertainment. Everything I know about aviation is a result of our chapter members," Lindsey said.

EAA's growing chapter program, started in 1953 with Chapter 1 in Riverside, California, includes nearly 1,000 chapters worldwide. They sponsor seminars, aircraft builds, flying clubs, and fly-ins, and invest countless hours organizing volunteer projects. For more information on finding an EAA chapter in your area, visit www.EAA.org/chapters.
Upcoming Programs
EAA Ford Tri-Motor Tour Ford Tri-Motor Tour: First mass-produced airliner
July 10-13: Pontiac, MI

View tour details and book flight, or call 877-952-5395.

EAA's B-17 Tour B-17 Tour: Fly the Aluminum Overcast WWII bomber
July 18-20: Green Bay, WI
July 25-27: Madison, WI
August 15-17: Rochester, MN

View tour details and book flight, or call 800-359-6217.

SportAir Workshops - Two-day aircraft building programs
Courses include: Sheet Metal Basics, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, Electrical Systems & Avionics, TIG Welding, RV Assembly, and What's Involved In Kit Building
Upcoming Homebuilding Workshops:
July 19-20: Riverside, CA (Van's RV Assembly)
July 31-August 1: Oshkosh, WI (Electrical Systems & Avionics)
August 16-17: Griffin, GA (TIG Welding)
August 23-24: Waco, TX (Van's RV Assembly)
View complete schedule and courses available by location >>
Pre-registration is required for all workshops.

Webinars: Free to all aviation enthusiasts
July 16: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 Features and Attractions - Presenter: Jim DiMatteo
July 17: Understanding the Additional Pilot Program - Presenters: Charlie Precourt, Tom Charpentier
August 13: Resolving Owner/Mechanic Disputes - Presenter: Mike Busch
View all Webinars.
Pre-registration required.

Webinars posted online this week:
Building and Flying the Amateur-Built KR-2S
Desktop Wallpaper
EAA Desktop Calendar July 2014: 1947 Consolidated Vultee L-13
Jim Koepnick, EAA Lifetime 222987, captured this 1947 Consolidated Vultee L-13 during AirVenture 2010. The L-13, then owned by Clu Colvin, was featured in the February 2011 issue of Vintage Airplane magazine.
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