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Celebrating 40 Years of Invertedness
APRIL 2010  |  VOLUME 1  |  NUMBER 1
From Beginner to Air Show Pilot Photo gallery
Super Decathlon Turns Career on Ear Photo Gallery
IAC Chapter 52 Ready For Spring
IAC Chapter 52, Greenwood Lake, New Jersey is an active group of aerobatic enthusiasts from Southeastern New York, Western Connecticut, North and Central New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. The chapter has an extensive online gallery of photos from their various activities. View the gallery
Spencer Suderman flies his Pitts biplane as an air show performer, but how did he get there? Spencer began his flying career right side up. That all changed after becoming acquainted with CP Aviation's Super Decathlon. You can see from his videos that he has come a long way from spin training. Read more
Doug BartlettDoug Bartlett is the president of the IAC and is a member of Chapter 1 in Chicago. He started flying aerobatics in 2003 with a Decathlon, flew a Sukhoi SU-29 before moving on to an Edge 540. Doug currently competes in the unlimited category.

Doug has served the IAC as a treasurer and a government liaison representative and looks forward to continuing on in support of our membership. View Doug's welcome message.

HammerheadThe hammerhead maneuver is one of Gordon Pennerís favorites. Itís a maneuver that always invites a lot of discussion. Itís also one of the harder ones to teach. Itís one of the most satisfying maneuvers when done well - whether competing or not. It definitely has a "sweet spot" to it. Just as a good landing is more likely to occur following a good stabilized approach, a good rotation begins with a good upline. Read more

Perspectives on Life
Bruce Olive skipped school on his 17th birthday to take his private pilot check ride back in 1972. He used to fly a Mooney while on business but gave that up after too many dark and stormy nights flying under single-pilot instrument flight rules. Then Bruce bought a new Super Decathlon in 2007 and joined IAC Chapter 19, of which he is now secretary. As Bruce prepares for his second year of competition, he found a link between inverted flight and successful business strategies. Read more

Doug McConnellThat famous line from a Broadway musical is perfect for introducing and explaining our new electronic newsletter, In the Loop! This is a historic moment for the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) - release of our very first issue of this powerful new communications tool. In the Loop is now an important companion to the highly acclaimed IAC magazine, Sport Aerobatics. Not only will it provide IACers with the latest monthly news and schedule updates, it will also bring a unique capability that traditional print canít, namely the inclusion of online videos to help communicate information, instruction, and entertainment. Of course, In the Loop will be helpful in accomplishing some other important goals, too! Read more

Mike GoulianMike Goulian is probably best known as an air show performer and a competitor on the Red Bull Air Race circuit. Last year at AirVenture 2009 he was given the 2009 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship which is given to an air show performer who has demonstrated superb showmanship ability. Before the bright sun and white smoke trails of the air show circuit, Goulian began his aerobatics career flying International Aerobatic Club contests. Watch Mike's daily aerobatic workout.

YakRich Stowell and Jim Bourke were getting ready to take Jimís Yak-54 up for an aerobatic flight when they had a bit of a problem at start-up. ďIt was a pretty specific example of improper maintenance that I doubt would trouble anyone else.Ē Jim said. ďBasically, the two halves of the carb were not seated properly. The nuts had been safetied but werenít actually tightened properly first! The gasket was fine, as I recallĒ. Read more

Flight InstructionParagon Air Adventures, located in Belgrade, Montana, provides stall/spin recovery, unusual attitude/upset recovery, and recreational aerobatics. Instructor Tom Nagorski flies the side-by-side Micco SP26A of which you don't see a lot. Read more


For a current listing of upcoming events visit the contest calendar.

Renaud Ecalle at WAC 2009
Renaud video
The 2009 overall World Aerobatic Champion was Renaud Ecalle of France. The French Team also won the Gold in the team competition. Renaud finished his flights to applause every time. It is the 5th time French pilots have won this competition. Past French champions include Claude Bessiere, Xavier de Lapparent, Patrick Paris, and Eric Vazeille. Watch as Renaud Ecalle performs one of his winning routines at the championships in Silverstone, United Kingdom. Watch the video
Tom Poberezny Enters ICAS Hall of Fame
Tom PobereznyEAA President Tom Poberezny was inducted into the International Council of Airshows (ICAS) Hall Of Fame in December of last year. Poberezny was inducted as an air show event organizer for his long stewardship of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the world's largest general aviation event. Poberezny thanked his wife, Sharon, and reminded the audience of the responsibility that those in the air show industry have. "You are the ambassadors of aviation and the aviation community," he said. "Think about the tens of millions of people you reach and touch who have the dream of flight and are impacted by this three dimensional space we work in. You represent all pilots, all aviation enthusiasts, all that love and participate in aviation." Listen to the ceremony
Interviews With IAC Members Available on EAA Radio
EAA RadioEAA Radio streams programming 24 hours-a-day including interviews and reports on current aviation events and highlights from AirVenture. Visit to listen to the live stream and our archives. You can also find information on how to listen to EAA Radio on your iPhone, Blackberry, or other internet enabled phone.

Reggie PaulkReggie Paulk has been the editor of Sport Aerobatics magazine for nearly two years. He began flying gliders when he was 16 years old and transitioned to powered aircraft when he was 17. After earning flight instructor certificates in single and multi-engine airplanes, Reggie went on to earn a seaplane rating at Kenmore Air Harbor in Seattle, Washington. Reggie has flown aerobatics in a Decathlon, Super Decathlon, Pitts and Extra 300L.

While you may read Reggie's words in Sport Aerobatics you are more likely to see and hear him in each issue of In The Loop through his video blog. Reggie says hello from Sun 'n Fun 2010 - watch his video.

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The 'Unusual Attitudes' message forum at Oshkosh365 is alive with activity. Have a look at the list below and follow the links to read the actual questions and discussion topics.

The IAC will be at Sun 'n Fun 2010 from April 13-18. Make sure to stop by the tent and join us in the forums.

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