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Celebrating 40 Years of Invertedness
MAY 2010  |  VOLUME 2  |  NUMBER 2
Teachable Moment Photo gallery
Teachable Moment
Rich Stowell Brings Us the Hammerspin
In the May issue of Sport Aerobatics Magazine, Master Aerobatic Instructor Rich Stowell writes about a particularly nasty spin that may be encountered during an improperly executed hammerhead turn. Sometimes referred to as a hammerspin, Rich produced a video to demonstrate how such spins are encountered, but more importantly, how to recover from them. Watch the video on Oshkosh 365
Photo Gallery
Dance to the Carolina Boogie
Enjoy this colorful multimedia slideshow from photographer Daryl Jacobs showing contestants from the April, 2008 Carolina Boogie; one of IAC19's two annual contests. Turn up the speakers and dance! Watch the video 
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2010 New Zealand National Aerobatic ChampionshipAndrew Love is a Sportsman competitor in New Zealand and gives us his account of the recent National Aerobatic Championship held there. Andrew offers ab initio flight training part time, flies Tiger Moths, gives Pitts conversion training, makes commercial aerobatic flights, and also spends time working on a single-seat Pitts project with two other friends. They plan to have it ready for the Nationals next year. Read more

Recently, a West Palm Beach, Florida, pilot lost his life in an aircraft accident. The aircraft reportedly lost power shortly after takeoff, and the pilot attempted to return to the airport. His maneuvering ended abruptly in a stall-spin event. One of my customers - I'll call him Zeke - saw the entire episode. He said the airplane appeared to have enough altitude to complete the maneuver, and the pilot was making a shallow turn. Zeke thought the pilot "had it made." Read more

Train With National Champion Jason Stephens
Learn Aerobatics in a Glider
Jason Stephens is the 2008 U.S. National Glider Aerobatic Champion and runs Arizona Soaring in Maricopa, Arizona. If you'd like to try aerobatics in the beauty and serenity of a glider, Arizona Soaring is the way to go. Ride along with Jason on an introductory aerobatic flight in this video on Oshkosh 365

DALLAIR AERONAUTICA FR-01 AND EPA POWER ROTAXRumors in the past year of the existence of a Rotax-based aerobatic engine were confirmed with the first-ever appearance of the Italian Dallair FR-01 in Friedrichshafen, powered by a Rotax 912 modified by EPA Power, also from Italy. The FR-01 is a single-place, LSA-class aerobatic design from Fabio Russo, whose day job is as a member of the Tecnam Aircraft engineering staff. Read more

Debby Rihn-HarveyDebby Rihn-Harvey is a three-time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion, IAC Hall of Fame Inductee, and air show pilot. Her smile is a constant companion, and she's a down-to-earth ambassador of aviation for women and girls. In a recent interview with Aero-News TV, Debby describes the difference between competition and air show flying. Watch the video


For a current listing of upcoming events visit the contest calendar.

"Maxu"mum Gliderbatics
Glider videoSince 2005, Markus "Maxu" Feyerabend has been a member of the German aerobatic gliding team. He began flying in 1987 and transitioned to aerobatics in 2001. In 2006, he was the German aerobatic gliding champion. In this video, he is flying the Unlimited Free program in his Swift S-1 D-3169 glider.
AirshowBuzz Debuts 'Mike Da Mustang'
Mike da MustangAirshowBuzz, an aviation-themed multimedia company has launched a new animated series featuring the adventures of a Mike Da Mustang. Ed Shipley, AirshowBuzz co-founder and Creative Director, talked with EAA Radio’s Fareed Guyot about the ambitious 26-episode project. Listen to the interview and watch the video.
EAA Radio "The Voice of EAA" Seeks Reporters
For over a decade EAA Radio has been "The Voice of AirVenture." Last July, EAA Radio began its usual live broadcast during AirVenture and just never stopped, streaming past interviews and programs since the on-air light first illuminated in 1996. Last fall, EAA Radio became "The Voice of EAA" as its merry band of volunteers continue to cover aviation events as they happen. We need your help! Read more
Volunteer Videographers Sought for AirVenture
EAA Publications is seeking volunteer videographers. Volunteers will create content for future issues of In The Loop and the nine other monthly e-newsletters EAA publishes year-round. Other projects, such as the daily AirVenture edition of e-Hotline, may be available. If you enjoy creating videos, we are seeking your discerning eye to communicate the excitement, uniqueness, and variety of aircraft and experiences that can be found at AirVenture.

Volunteers, depending on their interest, will work with EAA Publications staff and newsletter editors on specific assignments. Some video editing skills are helpful but not required, and volunteers must bring their own camera. General submissions are welcome. Please contact Fareed Guyot at or call 920-426-6555.

In The Loop Has a Facebook Page
In the Loop on FacebookIn The Loop wants to be your friend and invites you to visit our page on Facebook. Connect with fellow flyers and the writers of In The Loop and tell us what and where you have been flying. You will also find links to EAA’s other division Facebook pages and to our online community Oshkosh 365. Become a friend of ITL today!

Editor's NoteMore importantly, who is this?
As I was scrounging around the Internet, I happened upon this little gem of a photo. What struck me was that this pilot was a high-profile individual in both the competition aerobatic arena as well as the air show circuit. The person has since moved on to other endeavors, but the legacy lives on. What’s your best guess as to who this is? What type of airplane are you looking at? I’d love to hear from you directly, so feel free to contact me at Read more

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