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Celebrating 40 Years of Invertedness
JULY 2010  |  VOLUME 1  |  NUMBER 4
Lomcevak is Czech for Zlin Photo gallery
Featured Story
Photo by Krystan Pomeroy
When the following article appeared in Sport Aerobatics in September 1992, the Zlin Aircraft Company was owned by the Bata Shoe Company. But the Zlin series of aircraft possesses a long legacy starting in 1934 when the founders named the company after the nearby town of Zlin. Since its beginning, the company has produced two-seat trainers, and by the time of the Cold War, the Zlin was the preferred military trainer of the eastern-bloc nations. It was also about the time that the Zlin demo pilots discovered that this little plane had some serious aerobatic chops. The Czech National Aerobatic Team would use the Zlin to create a maneuver that is Czech for headache. Read more
Photo Gallery
US-Canada Aerobatic Challenge 2010
In June, the US-Canada Aerobatic Challenge 2010 was held in Olean, New York (near Buffalo). Hosted by IAC Chapter 125 with help from Chapter 34, 20 aircraft from both sides of the border competed. Organizers say the competition was fun and spirited with room for more participants next year. View the gallery
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Featured Air ShowThis month's featured air show video was taken on the Friday practice for the Ocean City Air Show in Maryland. The camera was mounted on the left wingtip, has a 170-degree field of view, and is high definition. "Ocean City was a great show and a wonderful crowd," Rob Holland reports. "I look forward to flying again sometime." Check out this unique camera angle that shows almost all of the plane and everything behind the plane. Watch the air show

Neil WilliamsSince we feature the Zlin this month, it seems only appropriate to revisit a story of triumph over near certain death by a cool-headed pilot whose quick thinking led to his safe return to Earth - inverted - with a broken wing. Read more

IAC BuildingVisitors to the IAC building during AirVenture 2010 will notice several changes. An expansion of the current building, named the Vicki Cruse Educational Pavilion sponsored by The Buehler Trust, is almost complete. Volunteers from EAA Chapter 101 in Addison, Illinois, and IAC Chapter 1 (Chicago-area) assisted with its completion Saturday, July 11, by laying sod. Most of the work was finished before several waves of late afternoon thunderstorms deluged the area. The addition extends the interior portion of the building south and adds a large covered patio that has a great view of AeroShell Square. Join IAC for the formal dedication with The Buehler Trust at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 29, and again at the Annual Meeting on Friday, July 30, at 6 p.m. after the air show.

Following the conclusion of the air show on Friday, July 30, IAC will hold their annual meeting at the IAC Headquarters building on the flight line, north of AeroShell Square. Election results for the board of directors will be announced, awards will be presented, and the Vicki Cruse Education Pavilion will officially be dedicated. Many thanks to Northwest Insurance Group for sponsoring the event with complimentary food and beverages. Thanks also to The Buehler Foundation for their generous support in the construction of the Vicki Cruse Educational Pavilion.

Flying the Advanced Q
Ben Freelove of the USA Advanced Aerobatic Team
Audio/VideoThis month we feature Ben Freelove of the USA Advanced Aerobatic Team. Ben is a full-time aerobatic pilot, splitting his time between instructing at the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety in King City, California, and performing air shows in the Tutima Extra 300L as right wingman for the Collaborators formation aerobatic team. Ben has a deep love for competitive classical aerobatic flying and is proud to be a member of the 2010 United States Advanced Aerobatic Team. Watch as Ben flies the routine he'll be performing at Radom-Sadkow Airport in Poland, August 5 to 15, as part of the USA Advanced Aerobatic Team. Watch the video

Panzl 330 Split-Screen Air Show
Audio/VideoDarrel Massman delighted attendees at the Baraboo/Dells Air Show in Baraboo, Wisconsin, last month with his energetic routine in the Panzl 330. Next Level Aerial provided this split-screen point-of-view/ground angle synchronized video, backed by EAA Radio’s Fast Eddie as he called the action from the ground. Watch the video


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Mystery planeMystery Airplane

The airplane I feature this month is one of the earlier monoplanes used in Unlimited aerobatic competition. You can read more about it in the August issue of Sport Aerobatics, where IAC historian Mike Heuer describes its origin and history. If you'd like to take a guess, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Our poll results for the previous month reveal a lot about our readership. Almost all of the respondents (over 98 percent) say they are pilots. The total number of you who've received aerobatic instruction is quite high at almost 87 percent. The number falls, however, when we look at how many of those who've received aerobatic instruction have actually participated in an aerobatic contest. We need to get those numbers up!


EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is upon us, and the next issue of In the Loop will have some exciting happenings from the big show. I can't wait to bring it to you.

I enjoy receiving messages from all of you out there. Thank you for taking the time to write. Until next time, happy flying!

The original deadline for the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Foundation Hall of Fame nominations was June 1. Yep, you missed it! Good news - the ICAS Foundation has given you another chance. The new deadline for nominations is July 31. So get on it! Think about that hero of yours who has helped the air show industry. Now's your chance to recognize him or her. Read more

The time is drawing very near for the International Aerobatic Club Non-Flying Awards nomination deadline. This year, the deadline has been extended to July 9. Please take a look at the criteria after the jump for each of IAC's prestigious Non-Flying Awards. Feel free to forward this to any of your chapter e-mail groups and chapter presidents. Read more

Greg KoontzA great place to get aerobatic instruction is now a great place to buy an American Champion Aircraft. Greg Koontz has been involved with the Citabria/Super Decathlon family of aircraft ever since he soloed a Citabria in 1970. Greg worked for the Bellanca distributor at Aero Sport Inc. through the '70s, running its aerobatic school with the popular aircraft and performing with Col. Moser's Flying Circus in the Super Decathlon. Read more

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