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AUGUST 2010  |  VOLUME 1  |  NUMBER 5
AirVenture 2010 a Big Success for IAC Photo gallery
Featured Story
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh finished up a short while ago, and this year was different from most. It was only my third trip to Oshkosh, but according to what I was hearing from old-timers, this was a very unusual year.

From the first day to the last, AirVenture's theme was water-based. The North Forty aircraft camping area was waterlogged, preventing organizers from parking airplanes along the east-west runway until well after the show began. After driving by an area that is usually packed to the gills with hundreds of airplanes over the last two years, it was quite a shock to see an expansive swath of green grass in their place. Read more

Photo Gallery
Photos by Reggie Paulk

The IAC at AirVenture 2010
Oshkosh has just about every aviation experience a pilot or enthusiast can have in one week.

After attending for three years, I've still only scratched the surface of what's available. The following photos are just a taste of what it was like at AirVenture 2010. View the gallery

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Super FliIn last month's editor's note, I asked readers if they could guess the airplane in the photo I posted. From the minute the newsletter was sent out, I began receiving quite a response from people. I was surprised at just how many readers knew not only the airplane but also its designer, Phil Kraft.

What's truly amazing is that the airplane may have gained more fame as a radio-controlled (R/C) model than as a full-scale design. When the airplane was introduced, Kraft was a leader in R/C model equipment, so the design was adapted for that purpose. Kraft's design also inspired others and stirred memories of the full-size version. Read more

NationalsFrom Sunday, September 19, through Friday, September 24, the best of the best aerobatic pilots in the country will compete for National Champion status at the 2010 United States National Aerobatic Championships in Sherman and Denison, Texas. This year is a United States team selection year for the 2011 World Aerobatic Championship. The top finishers in Unlimited will join to compete against pilots from France, Russia, England, Spain, and many other national teams at the highest level of aerobatics. Read more

Doug BartlettDoug was a gymnast while in high school and during his time at the US Naval Academy. In 2002, after retiring as a captain in the Marine Corps, he gained his instrument rating and started doing aerobatics - what he describes as "gymnastics for old people." Three years later he was the Intermediate National Aerobatic Champion. He now competes in the Unlimited class.

Tom said, "As president of the International Aerobatic Club, Doug increased the focus on the aerobatic community. He has pursued opportunities to expand membership through outreach toward those with a passion and interest in aerobatic flying."

He has spanned the world of aviation, from sky diving to flying hang gliders to competing in the Edge 540. He also flies a Lancair Super ES built from a kit he donated to Mundelein High School in Mundelein, Illinois.

Sean TuckerThe Freedom of Flight Award is the organization's highest honor, bestowed annually to an individual whose contributions to aviation closely mirror the integrity, entrepreneurship, and innovativeness of EAA members.

The 2010 award went to Sean D. Tucker, EAA 999780, who Tom Poberezny says "personifies passion, energy, innovation, and excitement in aviation. He has acted as an ambassador for EAA and its values with his decades of aerobatic performances in air shows throughout the country."

He has been flying air shows since the mid-1970s, and in that time, he has performed more than 1,000 times at 425 air shows across the world. He also established the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety, a flight-training institution dedicated to increasing aviation and pilot safety.

Sean has been an EAA member for 20 years and says that through his membership, he has met mentors who have shaped him as a pilot and he has been able to act as a mentor to many others.

The split S and reverse Cuban eight
Featured Air ShowYears ago, I attended an air show at the Jefferson County Airport in Colorado, now called the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. A pilot was flying a routine in his newly restored F-86 Sabre jet, the first one I'd ever seen in operation. I was standing in a concession line with my cousin and trying to pay attention as the line grew shorter. As the plane flew by on what would be its last pass, the pilot began to climb and then rolled inverted into a reverse Cuban eight. It was pretty clear to me that he was too low when he began to pull into the bottom of the loop, and I was sure he would roll wings level instead of continuing to dive. He never did, and ended up impacting the ground at a high rate of descent. Read more

Pitts S-1Steve Buchenroth is the proud owner of a Pitts S-1. This is the tale of his journey, one that isn't even close to a straight line. Some of you who have been trying to achieve your dream of flying a Pitts while life intervenes can take heart from his story. The dream can still happen. This also adds heat to the point that the Pitts can eat your lunch if you don't respect it and have the right attitude - and the right training. Just because the Pitts has been eclipsed by the monoplanes at the Unlimited level, it doesn't mean the Pitts has any less power than it had when the plane was a world beater in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. Read more

AirVenture Time-Lapse Videos
Time-lapse videosEAA photographers had some fun with time-lapse photography this year, capturing several snapshots of AirVenture in multiple frame form. While the time-lapse is sped up to create motion, the frenetic pace the images portray is not too far from the truth. Watch the videos
Night Air Show a Hit
Night air showLast Saturday evening (July 31), thousands of visitors to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh migrated to the flightline of Wittman Regional Airport to witness an attraction that hasn't been seen at the weeklong event: a night air show. With a fading deep blue sky as their canvas, an all-star cast of air show performers dazzled onlookers in a stunning display of precision pilotage and pyrotechnics. Read more
AirVenture Fan Videos 
Fan videosJust days after Oshkosh we started receiving great videos shot by AirVenture fans. Jeff Leisz posted a stirring overview of Oshkosh with AirVenture 2010. Derek Haskins took a more introspective approach with his video Oshkosh Dreamin’. And Wesley “Slick” Perkins, whose 2009 AirVenture video has tallied nearly 1 million views since it debuted shortly after last year’s show, is back again. This time Slick presents an even more comprehensive look at the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. Read more
EAA Radio: Tucker Talks Joy of Aerobatics During AirVenture Session
EAA Radio interviewSean D. Tucker, EAA 999780, was presented this year with the Freedom of Flight Award, EAA's highest honor. Performing since the 1970s, Tucker's air show career is well known. One of Tucker's other loves is teaching aerobatics and improving aerobatic safety and proficiency. Tucker appeared on EAA Radio Live during AirVenture 2010 to talk aerobatics, the fun of flying, and his vexing golf game. Sean D. Tucker Part 1 | Sean D. Tucker Part 2

The U.S. National Championships are being held next month (September), which made us curious about who is preparing to compete, attending, or still making plans to be there someday.

Would you like to compete at Nationals?
Will you attend Nationals this year?
Is attending Nationals on your to-do list for the future?

Vote now

Admiral John Towers Regional (Southeast)
Friday, August 27 - Saturday, August 28, 2010
Russell Regional (KRMG): Rome, GA
Ken Lumpkin: 706-506-0550
Comments: IAC 3 website has lodging info. Camping also available. Rental cars on field.

Harold Neumann Barnstormer (South Central)
Saturday, August 28 - Sunday, August 29, 2010
New Century AirCenter (KIXD): New Century, KS
Phone: (913) 369-5569

Happiness is Delano 2010 (Southwest)
Saturday, September 4 - Sunday, September 5, 2010
Delano Municipal Airport (KDLO): Delano, CA
Kathy Howell - Phone: 661-917-4573

Apple Turnover (Northwest)
Friday, September 10 - Saturday, September 11, 2010
Ephrata Municipal Airport (KEPH): Ephrata, WA
Jerry Riedinger and John Smutny: 425-985-9469
Alternate Phone: 206-399-7097

East Coast Aerobatic Contest (Northeast)
Friday, September 10 - Sunday, September 12, 2010
Warrenton-Fauquier Airport (KHWY): Midland, VA
Region: Scott Francis: 703-618-4132

Rebel Regional - CANCELLED!! (Southeast)
Friday, September 10 - Saturday, September 11, 2010

US National Aerobatic Championships (US Nationals)
Sunday, September 19 - Friday, September 24, 2010
North Texas Regional Airport (KGYI): Sherman/Denison, TX
US Nationals Contest Director: Doug Lovell (914) 456-1594

For a current listing of upcoming events visit the contest calendar.

Reggie Paulk
Last month, we ran a mystery airplane photo that turned out to garner a lot of attention from full-scale and model airplane aerobatic enthusiasts alike. In the 21 years or so I've been involved in aviation, I've always noticed quite a bit of crossover between the two realms.

In the past, radio-controlled (R/C) airplanes emulated their full-scale counterparts. For many years, though, model aircraft have been performing tricks their full-scale brothers can only dream about. With power-to-weight ratios only available in an aerobatic pilot's dreams, R/C aircraft fly maneuvers that seem to defy gravity and aerodynamics. Read more

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