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Your New 2010 National Champion Photo gallery
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Congratulations Jeff Boerboon
What do radio-controlled airplanes, the Grand Canyon, commuter airlines, and Unlimited National Championships have in common? They're all significant components in our latest Unlimited National Champion's success. Jeff Boerboon (pronounced "bourbon," like the whiskey) took home the Unlimited Power trophy this year after his performances in the box at Sherman-Denison, Texas. He'll be featured in the December issue of Sport Aerobatics, and his path to the championship is an engaging tale. Read more

Photo Gallery

2010 IAC U.S. Nationals
See images from the 2010 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships held last month in Dennison, Texas. The gallery of images is hosted on the U.S. Nationals website, where you can also view complete results, including the 2011 U.S. National Aerobatic Team. View the gallery
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As many of you already know, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh was a soggy mess when it began this year. The grounds were so wet in the days leading up to the event that many airplanes were unable to park at the field.

Because Oshkosh attracts so many planes and pilots, it's ideal for finding stories and shooting air-to-air photos. Due to the weather, this year proved especially challenging. For a while it seemed that many of the assignments weren't going to get accomplished. Fortunately for the International Aerobatic Club, our parking area was high and dry, allowing our members to park when others were being turned away. Read more

What's it all about, anyway?
The International Aerobatic Club's Chapter 12 is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (formerly Jeffco Airport). For those new to aerobatics in general and aerobatic competition in particular, DJ Molny has put together a nice PowerPoint presentation that explains what it's all about. Click here to see it

Ford Tri-Motor to Fly Famed Air Show Routine
Ford Tri-Motor
Greg Herrick, president of the Aviation Foundation of America, publisher of the Historic Aviation catalog,and avid vintage aircraft collector, has a personal rule when he acquires an aircraft to restore: Never change an N-number. He’s making an exception, however, for his newly restored 1928 Ford Tri-Motor 4-AT-B, which flew for the first time following a multiyear, ground-up restoration by the Hov-Aire and MWAviation team in Vicksburg, Michigan. He’s changing it from the original NC-7684 to NC-9610. That’s the number of 1930s air show performer Harold Johnson’s Tri-Motor. Johnson performed incredible aerobatic maneuvers in that aircraft, and Herrick plans to recreate those performances with this airplane. Watch the video

Another Near Midair Incident Stresses Need to Stay Vigilant
As a member of the 2010 U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team, Reinaldo Beyer represented the United States during the Advanced World Aerobatic Championships held in Radom, Poland, this year. But during his entry into the box, he almost had his life cut short when he and another competitor nearly collided. This incident occurred as a consequence of an improper signal from a flagman on the ground - and forced the chief judge to amend the procedure for being cleared into the box. Read Reinaldo's account of events

Slow Flight is Landing Practice!
All instructors teach slow flight, but many teach it as a stand-alone exercise. To bring the accident rate down they must change to teach that slow flight practice is landing practice. The best thing we as instructors can do for pilots is to make them comfortable in high angle of attack flight. But they aren't comfortable. They fly shallow approaches, which makes them low. They then try to stretch their glide, which makes them too slow. If pilots would use slow flight techniques on making visual flight rules landings, we wouldn't have as many landing accidents. Slow flight is also the quickest way to get used to a new airplane and the quickest way to scrape rust off if you haven't flown in a while. Read more

Amazing Glider Aerobatics
Glider Aerobatics
With their longer wingspans, aerobatic gliders aren't generally as quick in roll as their powered counterparts. The following video shows a low-level air show routine, and this guy makes the glider seem very nimble!
Watch the video

As luck would have it, our pilots were able to attend photo briefings where they were the only ones present. The briefings have been standing room only in years past, but this year proved difficult for everyone. In the end, we were fortunate to complete all our assignments.

Take a look at the airplanes we shot this year in our feature above, "Your Favorite Planes of AirVenture," and please spare a moment to take our poll and choose the one you'd like to see first.

Q. Of which plane would you like to see EAA AirVenture Oshkosh photos first?

Vote now

Tequila Cup (Southwest)
Friday, November 12 - Saturday, November 13, 2010
Northwest Regional Airport (AVQ): Marana, AZ
Contest Director: Jim Ward
Contact: 603-860-4456

Make Sure to Take Your Pick
Reggie Paulk
Where did October go? If you missed the October issue of In the Loop, my apologies. We've got a few dedicated people working on a lot of content, and October literally got away from us.

In the October issue of Sport Aerobatics magazine, I asked members to take a look at the airplanes we've had the pleasure to take air-to-air photos of at AirVenture and Sun 'n Fun and decide which ones they'd like to read about first. Please take a moment to go to this month's poll and make your choice. Read more

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