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Celebrating 40 Years of Invertedness
Jimm Franklin-IAC HOF Photo gallery
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2010 IAC Hall of Fame Inductee
Jimmy Franklin flew air shows for over 30 years. He was one of the most well recognized and respected performers in aviation. He was known for his spine tingling flying and also his showmanship and one of a kind innovative style. Jimmy was inducted into the IAC Hall of Fame in 2010. Read more

Photo Gallery

IAC Chapter 23 Sebring Contest
In Pompano Beach, Florida, IAC Chapter 23's Sebring Contest is one of the largest chapter competitions in the country. Come along on a photo tour of this year’s contest. View the gallery
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KellerColleen Keller (EAA 759828, IAC 435485) of San Diego, California, has become the first pilot to earn a Smooth Achievement Award under the new guidelines. Recently modified to make Smooth Awards more accessible, the new criteria permit qualifying certificated flight instructors, in the same aircraft, to grant Smooth Awards in the Primary, Sportsman, and Intermediate categories. Keller earned her Primary Smooth Award in her 1990 Steen Skybolt. Sport Aerobatics (SA) recently talked with Keller about her achievement. Read the interview

Eric Backsheider finally finds a POV camera he is happy with
I've tried several times over the last few years to get a camera to work in my plane. None have really done it much justice; that is until now. I just got a new point of view (POV) camera that is working pretty well. It stays on (which is good because it was not cheap) and holds up to the g's pretty good. The camera I bought is a Drift Innovation HD170. This is an HD 1080P camera, but in 720P, it gives a 170-degree view. Read Eric's Blog


Jimmy Franklin Dueling Wacos
As the IAC's 2010 Hall of Fame inductee, it seems appropriate to feature a couple of Jimmy Franklin’s more popular air show acts. The first video is of Jimmy flying his dueling Wacos routine with Elliot Cross. Watch the video

In this second video, Jimmy flies his Piper Aerostar Starship Pride as ZAR. Watch the video

Air show glider crash highlights challenges of low-level routines
Here are some incredible photos of an air show crash in a glider. Pilot Mike Newman was performing a Swift Aerobatic Display in a Swift S-1 at an airfield in Shoreham, England, when the accident occurred. Newman survived, but the incident highlights the dangers of low-level aerobatics—even by those who are qualified. Read the story

Stable Approach: Point-Counter Point
The August 2010 issue of AOPA Pilot Magazine featured two great articles debating the stabilized approach. Tom Horne’s article "Steady As She Goes" advocated "on speed, on glide path, no surprises" in support of the stabilized approach. Dave Hirschman’s counterpoint was "Stabilize This!" Dave wrote about a "decelerating, unstable approach that preserves your airplane's maneuverability." Aerobatic Instructor Jim Alsip looks at the two arguments and thinks they are both right. Read more


SunQuest Aviation
Glider Aerobatics
Forrest Fox sends us a video of a aerobatic training operation in Florida as a thank you for their flight instruction.

"Here's a short video I put together for the people that taught me to fly my Pitts. Great guys, great operation, great weather this time of year! Check them out if you’re in the market for training. I think the video also does a good job of explaining what makes aerobatics appealing to the non-air show-pilot types in the world of aviation." - Forrest Fox
Watch the video

Aerobatics are not necessarily restricted to full-sized aircraft, radio-controlled aircraft can do some pretty amazing things that human-occupied aircraft cannot. This month's series of poll questions examine your perspective on the role of R/C aircraft in aerobatics.

Q. Have you ever been involved with radio-controlled aircraft?

Q. Have you ever flown aerobatics with a radio-controlled airplane?

Q. Do you think radio-controlled airplanes could benefit your full-scale flying?

Vote now

Aerobatic Judges schools for 2011 are now posted on the IAC website. All classes are introductory except for one class in March which offers advanced training. Classes are offered in every region of the United States as well as one course in British Columbia. View the course listings


Caption ContestDennieThompson

First things first. Lets start out with a look at a mystery photo and see how sharp you all are out there. Who is this and what are they flying?

Answer next month

Photo by: Lauri Zaleski


Happy New Year!
Reggie Paulk
This issue of In the Loop features Jimmy Franklin, the newest inductee to the IAC Hall of Fame. Jimmy and his air show partner Bobby Younkin died during mid-air collision at an air show in 2005, and his son, Kyle, received the award in his honor. I had the opportunity to interview Kyle for a story in the January issue of Sport Aerobatics magazine.

In the last issue, we asked you to vote on which airplanes you'd like to see featured in Sport Aerobatics, and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of the Giles 202. We photographed a particularly nice G-202 at Oshkosh 2010, and we will feature it in a future issue of Sport Aerobatics for you.

I would like to thank you for subscribing to In the Loop, and I look forward to a wonderful year ahead.


Louis Blériot was the first to traverse the English Channel in an airplane. His designs also had a profound effect in North America, including the first U.S. Air Mail flight. Fred Stadler will present a webinar on Blériot and his planes and an update on EAA’s Blériot XI project.

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CST. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for their generous sponsorship of our webinar programs.

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