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My New Mistress
From Horizons, IAC Chapter 34's newsletter
Chris Napier, Chapter 34, was sad about selling his Pitts but soon found a reason to be excited about a new airplane he had never considered before.

As many of you already know, I sold my wonderful Pitts S-1C to Gordon Penner over the winter. Flying to and from contests or practice sessions had become dreadful. I'm guessing Mr. Pitts was not 6 foot, 1 inch tall. My first choice for a replacement was the Pitts S-2B. I know I'd fit in it, performance was a bit better, and I could use it for any commercial ventures I might get involved in. Unfortunately, the price tag on S-2Bs was pretty high. I really had trouble grappling with the amount of money I'd be spending on even a marginal S-2B. I was stewing with this latent frustration when I attended the judge's school this winter. Read more 

The First Loop: Somebody Had To Do It!

Lincoln Beachey is widely credited as being the father of aerobatics, but others pioneered maneuvers we've come to recognize as household names today. The stall turn was first flown by Will Moorhouse. Adolphe Pégoud was the first person to successfully parachute from an airplane. Pyotr Nesterov was the first person to fly a loop. In 1914, Beachey was the first American to perform a loop. Read more on the history of aerobatics.

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Keeping Kyle and Amanda in Our Thoughts and Prayers
On March 12, Kyle and Amanda Franklin both suffered severe burns when their aircraft lost power, descended into thick brush, and caught fire. Kyle, who was initially uninjured after the crash, burned his arms and face as he tried to rescue Amanda from the front cockpit. Amanda received third-degree burns over 70 percent of her body. Two months later, Amanda still undergoes daily surgeries in order to dress bandages and perform skin grafts. In addition to her burns, she received numerous bone fractures and has undergone surgery to repair those as well. There is no doubt the Franklins will continue to need a great deal of support - both emotionally and financially. You can keep updated on Amanda's daily progress as written by Kyle by visiting their Facebook page, Franklin's Flying Circus. If you'd like to send donations, you'll find the necessary links at the bottom of this page on their website, Franklin's Flying Circus & Airshow.

Featured Air ShowWill Allen calls himself The Flying Tenor because of a unique act in which he sings the national anthem while performing an air show routine in his Citabria. When he's not singing in air shows, you can find him giving aerobatic flight instruction, flying as a competition safety pilot, and competing. Will is a member of IAC Chapter 67 in Seattle, Washington, and soon will be joining Chapter 69 in Phoenix, Arizona, where he now spends his winters.

Aerobatic Contest Checklist: Do You Have One?
IAC LogoAviation and checklists are almost synonymous because safety is the main focus of any flying activity. In a recent thread on the Acro E-Mail Exploder, there was a discussion about what to carry to a contest in a Pitts S-1C. Besides the usual commentary about a change of underwear and a toothbrush in the Pitts's tiny baggage compartment, one person responded with a link to the International Aerobatic Club's website pointing to an aerobatic contest checklist. Read more

Gordon Penner to Host Webinar on Beginning Aerobatics
Gordon PennerThinking about adding a twist to your flying skills? Maybe a loop or a roll or two? Gordon Penner, Master CFI in aerobatics and a FAA Gold Seal Instructor, is hosting a webinar that will introduce you to some unusual attitudes. During the session, held June 15, Penner will talk about how to get started in aerobatics, flying basic figures such as a spin, roll, and loop. Plus he'll discuss the different aerobatic aircraft and how to find an aerobatic flight instructor. The webinar will be held Wednesday, June 15, at 7 p.m. CDT. Sign up here

PodcastBen Freelove is an instructor and the operations manager at Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety in King City, California. In addition to performing in air shows across the country with Sean Tucker, Ben regularly flies competition aerobatics and is a contributor to Sport Aerobatics magazine. Recently, Ben has introduced podcasts focused on the aerobatic student. One of the podcasts discusses the 2011 Sportsman Known sequence. In addition to the podcasts, you may also view in-cockpit demonstration videos. Visit the Tutima Academy website to listen and watch.

VideoFormer IAC President Doug McConnell sent us a link to this video of jets rolling and looping through the clouds and had this to say: "This was sent to me by a Vietnam buddy who flew A-4's. It might be a good 'thriller' for In the Loop, a chance to see what high and wide aerobatics looks like from the cockpit of a fighter plane."


Q. Have you ever practiced spins? 
     Have you ever been in an unintentional spin?
     Was your flight instructor well-versed in spins and spin recovery techniques?

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Armed Forces Memorial (Southeast)
Friday, May 20 - Saturday, May 21, 2011 

Grenada Municipal (KGNF), Grenada, MS 
Director: Wayne Roberts 
Phone: 662-417-5698 
E-mail | Website

Southeast Aerobatic Open (Southeast)
Friday, June 3 - Saturday, June 4, 2011 

Russell Regional Airport (KRMG), Rome, GA
Director: Ken Lumpkin 
Phone: 706-506-0550 
E-mail | Website

Robert L. Heuer Classic (Mid-America)
Saturday, June 4 - Sunday, June 5, 2011 

DeKalb (DKB), Dekalb, IL 
Director: Jim Klick 
Phone: 815-258-0047 
E-mail | Website

Northern California Cloud Dancer Hoedown (Southwest)
Friday, June 10 - Saturday, June 11, 2011 

Paso Robles Municipal Airport (PRB), Paso Robles, CA
Director: Martin Price 
Phone: 510-579-3407 
E-mail | Website

Wildwoods AcroBlast (Northeast)
Friday, June 10 - Sunday, June 12, 2011 

Cape May County (WWD), Cape May, NJ
Director: Craig Wisman 
Phone: 717-756-6781 

Lone Star Aerobatic Championship (Southwest)
Friday, June 10 - Saturday, June 11, 2011 

North Texas Regional (GYI): Denison Texas
Director: Mark Jacobson 
Phone: 214-208-3523 

Ohio Aerobatic Open (Mid-America)
Friday, June 17 - Saturday, June 18, 2011 

Union County Airport (KMRT): Marysville, Ohio
Directors: Jeff Granger and Chris Keegan 
Phone: 574-721-4340 
E-mail | Website

Apple Cup (Northwest)
Friday, June 24 - Saturday, June 25, 2011 

Port of Ephrata (EPH), Ephrata, WA
Director: Jerry Riedinger 
Phone: 425-985-9469 
E-mail | Website

Midwest Aerobatic Championships 2011 (South Central)
Saturday, June 25 - Sunday, June 26, 2011 

Seward Municipal (KSWT), Seward, NE
Director: Doug Roth 
Phone: 402-432-7124 

U.S./Canada Aerobatic Challenge (Northeast)
Saturday, June 25 - Sunday, June 26, 2011 

Olean Airport (KOLE), Olean, New York
Director: Pat Barrett 
Phone: 716-361-7888 
E-mail | Website

See the full listing of IAC events for the upcoming season here.

Last month, we covered the damage caused when a tornado blasted through Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo grounds. The photo depicts the crumpled aerobatics tent

Who's this and what's he flying?


Reggie PaulkBy Reggie Paulk, Editor - In the Loop

If April was any indication, I think the month of May will bring more unusual weather. From tornados out East to flooding in the Midwest and droughts in the South, we're either getting too much or too little moisture. Colorado is sitting on 150 percent of normal snowpack at the time of this writing, and the flooding should be interesting to watch as the weather warms up. With that in mind, please be careful out there as you go about your flying activities. 

I want to take this opportunity to let those in our aerobatic community know that this newsletter belongs to the membership. If you're a member or part of a chapter, please utilize this resource to get the word out about interesting stories in your area. There are hundreds of compelling tales that go unnoticed, and it would be great to let the aerobatic community in on them. If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them as well. 

Have fun, be safe, and we'll see you next month!

Recycle (Reuse) Your Contest Paperwork
The Registrar's Back Office (RBO) is "A place to share information and get ideas about how to run registration for an IAC Regional contest." With that in mind, it's launched an effort to recycle contest paperwork. 

From the RBO blog: Post your leftover contest paperwork here! Give us some information about what you have available. Receiving parties should take into account shipping time: Media Mail - 5 to10 days. Approximate cost for up to 10 pounds is around $6. 

Leftover paperwork from contests around the United States:
Contact Person: 
Contact E-Mail or Phone: 
Description of materials available: 

Visit The Registrar's Back Office to learn more.

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Oshkosh365The 'Unusual Attitudes' message forum at Oshkosh365 is alive with activity. Have a look at the list below and follow the links to read the actual questions and discussion topics.

Gordon Penner to Host Webinar on Beginning Aerobatics
Thinking about adding a twist to your flying skills? Maybe a loop or a roll or two? Gordon Penner, Master CFI in aerobatics and a FAA Gold Seal Instructor, is hosting a webinar that will introduce you to some unusual attitudes. During the session, held June 15, Penner will talk about how to get started in aerobatics, flying basic figures such as a spin, roll, and loop. Plus he'll discuss the different aerobatic aircraft and how to find an aerobatic flight instructor.

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CST unless otherwise noted. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for their generous sponsorship of our webinar programs.

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