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Celebrating 40 Years of Invertedness
JANUARY 2012  |  VOLUME 3  |  NUMBER 1
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Chapter Locations

Find your nearest acro nuts
The International Aerobatic Club has 36 chapters spanning the entire country. Whether you live on the West Coast, East Coast or in between, there's probably a chapter close to you. The EAA maintains a chapter locator; Click here, then click on IAC Chapters. From there, just click on the white button nearest your location to find your chapter's website and contact details.

Photo Gallery
IAC members will recognize some of the photos on Lynn Cromer’s website; many of them have been in Sport Aerobatics magazine! In fact, the February 2012 issue will greet members with a spectacular shot Lynn was kind enough to take for us. Click here to enjoy the slide show bursting with vibrant color. View the gallery

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IAC Chapter 118 Reno, Nevada
Chapter 118Calling the famous Reno-Stead Airport home, Chapter 118 members have unique access to an aerobatic school right on the field. Chapter President Tim Brill is also the chief flight instructor at the Aerobatic Company and Flight School, Inc. located at the airport. Tim is a National-certified aerobatics judge as well as a Master CFI-Aerobatic. In addition to the standard private through CFI instruction, Tim and his team of instructors also provide emergency manuever training, tailwheel endorsements, and a mountain flying course.

Of course, aerobatics is their specialty, and you can choose from basic or intermediate aerobatics courses. A Super Decathlon or Pitts S-2B are available, and you’re free to choose between the two. For more information about Chapter 118 or their flight school, just visit here.Of course, aerobatics is their specialty, and you can choose from basic or intermediate aerobatics courses. A Super Decathlon or Pitts S-2B are available, and you’re free to choose between the two. For more information about Chapter 118 or their flight school, click here.

If you or an IAC member you know is interested in running for an officer or director position, here are the item’s you’ll need to do so:

1. Candidate Petition Form with 10 current IAC members’ signatures. You may get a petition form online here. Note that each member can sign a petition form and e-mail it. All names do not have to be placed on one form. Written e-mails as endorsements will NOT be accepted; it must be on the petition form.

2. Current photo e-mailed as a jpeg

3. Resume/Bio that must be less than 1,000 words. The Nominations Chair must receive the above before the deadline March 16, 2012. Send completed petitions to: Lynne Stoltenberg, 656 Windy Acres Rd, Brenham, TX 77833-7732 - Phone: 979-8362610 or e-mail to 

A fatal Vmc roll
Vmc rollAlthough this doesn’t start out as an aerobatic flight, this video shows a twin-engine piston-powered Beechcraft Queen Air spinning to the ground as it enters a Velocity Minimum Control (Vmc) roll after an apparent engine failure. As the video begins, the engine can be heard popping and sputtering before the aircraft enters the field of view from the left. It appears to be flying along normally until only about 2-3 seconds before it rolls left and immediately enters a spin.

The important takeaway here is that no matter what we fly, recognizing the warning signs of a departure from controlled flight can only be learned through consistent practice at safe altitudes. Watch the video

Engine failure during takeoff
Flight InstructionRich Stowell is a recognized expert in aerobatic flight instruction. His book, Emergency Maneuver Training, encompasses his experience of over 9300 hours of flying experience. His website has a plethora of information for pilots of any experience level. One area of his website is labeled ‘Teachable Moments.’ This is where we found the following story of a successful landing after an engine failure.

I’m at the keyboard trying to write about my engine out experience and how it relates to your EMT program. I’ve also reread the power plant failure chapter in your book. It’s all very good material and relates to the engine out in my T-34. Even though I have practiced and instructed others what to do with power loss on climb out, that natural urge to make it back to the runway remains very strong. But with simulated engine out practice, a pilot can learn the visual references that will indicate if the runway truly is within glide range...Read more

C-130J going ballistic in paris
C-130 AcroWhat’s it take to fly a C-130 on the edge? Teamwork! This Air Force demonstration of the C-130J will make your hair stand up as the commander takes the airplane beyond the vertical over the Paris Air Show. Don’t try this at home, and thank you John Morrissey for sending the link. Watch the video

Mystery PlaneWhat in the heck is this airplane, and what is it meant to do? If you think you have the answer, let us know via e-mail


Reggie PaulkBy Reggie Paulk, Editor - In the Loop

As you may have heard, there have been some changes at the EAA, and some of them affect how our newsletter is produced. Hopefully, you won’t see any of these changes, but we ask for your patience as people transition to their new roles within the organization.

If you’ll notice in our announcements below, the IAC is working to bring a new website to its members. This is a perfect time to make your voice heard and bring your valuable input to the table. Please take the time to visit our Unusual Attitudes Forum here to give your opinion.


12 Myths About Stalls & Spins — Letting the Facts Fly!
It has been more than a century since the Wright brothers gave us the miracle of powered flight, yet myth and misunderstanding still abound regarding stalls and spins. Rich dispels a “dirty dozen” common myths that unfortunately continue to be perpetuated during flight training. Do slow speeds really lead to stalling? Are slips really as dangerous as skids? Get the facts on these and more!

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CST unless otherwise noted. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for their generous sponsorship of our webinar programs.

Let IAC Know What You Want in a New Website!
The International Aerobatic Club is asking for your input in what you want in a new website. IAC has a dedicated task force set up for this project, but we need your help. What information do you want on the website? How do you want information displayed? Is there a website you like a lot? Tell us about what you like about it. This is wide open, so please provide your input. The only place comments will be reviewed is at IAC's Unusual Attitudes forum here.

Credit Card Now an Option for IAC Achievement Awards Orders
The International Aerobatic Club has come to an agreement with the EAA to process credit card payments for our members when they order the IAC Achievement Awards. Previously the only option has been to send a check or money order.

All of the application forms for the IAC Achievement Award program have now been updated to reflect a new option for the applicant to purchase their pins, decals, and patches with a credit card. Visit this link for an application.

Proposed Knowns and Rule Changes for 2012 Posted
Files collectively containing the proposed rule changes and Known sequences (Sportsman and Intermediate only) for 2012 have been posted to The website's Unusual Attitudes forum will be the only place for IAC members to make official comments on these proposed rules and Knowns. Click here to go to the proposals.

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