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Celebrating 40 Years of Invertedness
MAY 2012  |  VOLUME 3  |  NUMBER 3

An English adventure
The flight to Old Buckenham in Al's S2A wasn't what I'd call a completely 'normal' flight. I have absolutely no issue being a passenger, nor do I mind a bit of turbulence or grey weather. That said, being sat in the front seat of a Pitts Special, in incredibly bumpy conditions, whilst attempting to balance a reasonably sized open cardboard box full of beef products on my shoulder (so as to not impede the aircraft controls) did make me wonder how on earth I'd ended up where I was.

Photo Gallery
Gliders are the sailboats of the sky. They glide silently and gracefully; their long wings slowing down motion in all three axis. Flying gliders is very peaceful - even while performing aerobatic maneuvers.

There's nothing quite like the silence of sitting at the top of the world as the wind noise fades to silence and a glider gently stalls...
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A Bucker Project
BuckerOn October 11, 2011 I sat down after dinner for my regular internet search of Barnstormers and Ebay. Barnstormers had been experiencing a denial of service attack, however tonight I managed to get through and spotted this ad: Continue...

CP Aviation Emergency Maneuver Training, EMT® Scholarship in Memory of Vicki Cruse
Vicki CruseThis scholarship aims to promote aviation safety through unusual attitude and aerobatic training. The scholarship includes three modules of the EMT® course which includes Stall/Spin Awareness, In-flight Emergencies, and Basic Aerobatics. The course will be taught in a Citabria and Decathlon. Continue...

Showing off Never Ends Well: The ground is hard
ApacheThis series of two videos shows two incidents that would have been completely avoided had the pilots used better judgment.

In the first video, a Cessna 185 pilot shows how cool he is by taxiing the airplane around the ramp with the tail raised off the ground, with predictable results. Other than a severely damaged ego, no one was injured.

In the second video, an Army pilot flying an AH-64 Apache in Afghanistan misjudges his altitude and nearly kills several soldiers along with himself and his gunner. Watch his tail rotor as the helicopter impacts the ground - it almost hits an observer standing nearby. *WARNING* Strong Language

If you're going to show off, you might want to think about the consequences should your actions cause an accident. Watch the Cessna video Watch the Apache video

Another Vmc Roll: Rolling on short final usually ends badly
Although it doesn't pertain to aerobatics per-se, this video is a demonstration of a loss of aircraft control resulting in a catastrophic crash. And aerobatics is all about aircraft control.

The following accident happened in Brazil, so there is no information about the factors leading up to the crash, but a few things may be gleaned from the video. Continue...

Absolute Freedom: Clipped Cub aerobatics
Clipped Wing CubLast month’s mystery photo garnered a lot of feedback. One reader sent me a link to a video of the airplane’s current owner, and his story is worth a look. Watch the video

Mystery PlaneWho's airplane is this, and what type is it? If you think you have the answer, let us know via e-mail

Last Month's Answer: The Clipped Cub we featured in last month's mystery photo garnered the largest response yet. One reader gave a detailed history of the airplane, and gave us permission to re-print it.

"The aircraft pictured has a long aerobatic history. The aircraft is the only factory Clip Wing J-3 Cub ever produced, and was manufactured for Bevo Howard. It originally had a Clark Y airfoil and a C-85 Cont. The aircraft was on the airshow circuit for years, and Charlie Hillard owned it twice during his flying career. He initially took factory delivery and then, years later, after it was modified with a T-Cart airfoil and Lycoming 180 horsepower engine. Charlie sold it shortly after and it ended up in Chandler, Arizona. John MacGuire of the Fort Worth area is the current owner. He converted it to hand controls after his Pitts accident, and he and his wife are currently building a new set of wings. John puts on a wonderful high energy, low show. Really demonstrates the capability of this bird." - Jamie Treat


Reggie PaulkBy Reggie Paulk, Editor - In the Loop

Hello everyone and thank you for hanging in there while we sort through all of the changes that have occurred over the last few months at EAA HQ in Oshkosh. We are trying our best to get In The Loop out to you every month.

This month's issue points to a couple of incidents that occurred because pilots were trying to show off to people on the ground. With summer rapidly approaching, the flying season is in full swing, so the temptation to show off will present itself more often over the coming months. Avoid that temptation at all costs - no matter how good your training is, the lack of judgement shown will outweigh any other considerations.

AirVenture is two short months away, and I hope to meet you out at the IAC building on Conoco Phillips Plaza. Fly safely and have fun!


ARCHIVE: Aerobatic Basics (May 23, 2012)
All aerobatic maneuvers consist of a spin, roll and loop, individually or in compound parts. Tim will talk a bit about the set-up, entry, execution and exit of gentleman's aerobatics! Watch the archive here.

Flying into AirVenture
Join Fred Stadler, EAA AirVenture NOTAM Chairman, as he discusses hints and tips for reducing your pilot workload when flying into AirVenture.

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CST unless otherwise noted. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for their generous sponsorship of our webinar programs.

Let IAC Annual Non-Flying Award Nominations
May 15, 2012 - Each year the membership of the IAC nominates outstanding volunteers to be recognized for their contribution to the sport of aerobatics. Nomination deadline for this year is June 30th. Please help us to recognize our unsung heroes by filling out the nomination form here.

WAC 2013 to be Held in Texas!
May 11, 2012 - The WAC 2013 will be held at North Texas Regional Airport in Grayson County Texas where the US Nationals have been held for over 40 years. The dates are October 9th - 20th, 2013.

Call for Photos
May 2, 2012 - We're looking for a bunch of cool photos to adorn the pages of the new and improved IAC web site - check out the mockup page. These are not for a gallery - they'll be displayed in the top area of each page on the site. Colorful, action-oriented pictures are preferred. The available space is about 2.5 times wider than it is tall, sort of a landscape or panorama format. Don't worry about cropping or resizing, we'll handle that. Email your best pics to Laurie Zaleski, along with the date, location, and names of people if possible. Thanks!

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