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Celebrating 40 Years of Invertedness
  Feature Story
Congratulations Team USA Congratulations Team USA!
By Norm Dewitt

At this year's U.S. National Aerobatic Championships held at the North Texas Regional Airport (GYI), 16 Unlimited pilots signed the pilot declaration forms indicating their desire to compete for a coveted spot on the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team. Any of the 16 pilots were talented enough to be selected if they executed their flights with no zeros and no outs. But at the Nationals, the weather, the winds, zeros, outs, and pressure soon separated the competitors. It is the same at the World Aerobatic Championships (WAC). Read more
  Photo Gallery
Blue Angels The Blue Angels look nothing like they did when they first began in 1946. Take a photo tour through history and look at the many iterations the team has gone through over the years. View gallery
  Editor's Note
Editor's Note November means colder temperatures, and thankfully, the end of the election season! Thankfully, aviation always provides a welcome distraction from the realities of daily life.

Now that the Nationals are over and the competition season is drawing to a close, we can set our sights on the excitement of the Unlimited Power World Aerobatic Championships coming to the good ole USA next year. We have a world-class lineup of pilots who've been preparing for this team, and it should make for some exciting competition in the year ahead.

May you have a happy Thanksgiving, and I'll see you in December.
Safety The Case for Wearing a Visor During Flight

In the following video, air show pilot Spencer Suderman shows us how to effectively destroy the visor of a Gentex helmet while simultaneously inviting his viewers to think about wearing a visor in the event they have to bail out of their aircraft. While the visor clearly can't stop a bullet fired from a rifle, it should give pause to the thought of not wearing head and face protection while flying.
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  Flight Instruction
Aviators Unlimited Aerobatics, Stalls, and Spins
By Johnny White of

The number one cause of accidents in aircraft of any type today is still the same one that caused the very first shortly after the Wright Brothers made their first historical powered flight! One hundred years later and we still have accidents from not being able to apply the proper controls at the right time to safely fly an aircraft. What a shame! Read more
  Feature Video
Automation Dependency Automation Dependency
Flying too close to the edge

Even the airlines have trouble with pilots dropping their airplanes to fly their gadgets. The following video discusses the importance of the basics regardless of aircraft type or complexity. The availability of high-tech gadgets, even in a Clipped Cub or Decathlon, means automation dependency can be a problem in light aircraft just as it is in an airliner. Watch video
  Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo We were sent this wonderful photo. Do you know what it represents? If you think you have the answer, let us know via e-mail.
November 28: Avoiding the Base to Final Turn Stall/Spin Accident: discusses elements leading up to a Base-To-Final Stall/Spin accident, how to recognize and stop these elements and the true nature of stalls and spins.

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