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Giles Hendersen 2012 IAC Hall of Fame Inductee: Giles Henderson

Editor's Note: Read Giles' story in the January 2013 issue of Sport Aerobatics

When Giles Henderson began flying in 1959, the state of Montana did not have any aerobatic flight schools for formal aerobatic training, so he taught himself basic maneuvers from various World War II military flight manuals.

In 1968, Giles became a member of the Aerobatic Club of America (ACA) and flew in his first contest in Vandalia, Illinois, with his stock Piper Cub. He later served as president of ACA Chapter 61 and was a long-standing member of the IAC Sequence Committee.

After making slight modifications to his 65-hp Cub, Giles' first major victory was at the International Aerobatic Club's Sportsman championship in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in 1971. He then upgraded his Cub with a 90-hp engine and won the same championship again in 1975 against 51 other competitors.

Giles is the four-time recipient of the Soucy Award, which recognizes the pilot who achieves the highest percentage of possible points during a contest season. Watch video

Clipped Wing J-3 Clipped Wing J-3: The Original Bargain-Basement Acrobat
By Budd Davisson - originally printed in January 1980 Air Progress

Editor's Note: As a tribute to Giles Henderson, we thought it pertinent to run a couple articles about his two favorite airplanes-the Piper J-3 Cub and Cassutt Racer.

When talking about legendary aerial anachronisms, it's customary to begin with "Boy, I remember the first time I ever saw a (insert name of a legendary aircraft to help in establishing your own rightful place in aviation history)..." This is not the case with the J-3 Cub. In the first place, I challenge anybody over the age of 35 to remember the first Cub they ever saw. In the second, even though the Cub is one of aviation's genuine mileposts, a development which gave general aviation a great boot in the pants, the Cub has never been the sort of thing of which hairy-chested hangar tales are made.

Cub stories are always of a whimsical nature. "I remember falling out of one when trying to get out of the front seat," or "We always used to glide down over the treetops by the river bottom to surprise the girls skinny-dipping." There are damned few blood-and-guts Cub stories because, except for frontline liaison stories, the Cub just wasn't made for blood-and-guts situations. Besides, everybody has flown a Cub, so too many people can figure out whether you're lying or not. Better to stick with Leopoldoff Colibris, or Polikarpov I-16s. With those, not many can tell whether your facts are straight. Read more

Cassutt Falling in Love With a Cassutt
By Steve Weaver

In the summer of 1974 I was operating a flying service in the northern part of West Virginia. My days were full to overflowing as I jumped between management duties and flying, managing the bustling FBO when I could and flying when I was needed to fill in for the other pilots.

The charter business was booming at that time, and many of my days (and nights) were spent flying businessmen and freight all over the eastern part of the United States in the Navajo, the Seneca, and the Aztecs that we operated for hire. During one such trip to a small airport in the eastern section of Pennsylvania, an ad on the office bulletin board caught my eye. Continue Part 1 | Part 2
Editor's Note
Editor's Note Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, I'm just glad you're here with us at the International Aerobatic Club.

If you're an IAC member and receive Sport Aerobatics magazine, be sure to read about our newest Hall of Fame inductee, Giles Henderson. As a primer, we've linked to some pertinent reading material that will make a lot of sense when you read his story.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to the stories and activities coming your way for 2013.
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Feature Video
Feature Video Airplane/Skydiver Formation

How do a parachutist and an Extra fly formation? Very carefully! You'd think it would be impossible, but today's monoplanes have special capabilities. Watch as pilot Martin Sonka brings his Extra 300SR up close and personal to skydiver Petr Mestak for a formation unlike any you've seen before! Watch video
Feature Air Show
Feature Air Show Four-Ship Air Show Routine With Rob Holland
By Rob Holland

This is our four-ship aerobatic formation team, The 4ce (Force). Matt Chapman in lead, Jack Knutson on left wing, Rob Holland on right wing, and Bill Stein flying in slot. All onboard video was shot with Nflightcam. Special thanks to Scott Slocum and Shawn Cronin for the awesome videos and stills. Also, thanks to Steven Serdikoff for enhancing the music track! Thanks to the Golden Knights and the Navy Leapfrogs - always an honor to work with you guys. Watch video
Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo What airplane (better yet, who's airplane) is this? If you think you have the answer, let us know via e-mail.

Last month's mystery photo answer: Herb Baker and T-28 Ditto "flying ropes"
January 16: Flying With the iPad Update: Apps, Accessories, Tips and Tricks: Bret Koebbe, iPad expert from Sporty's Academy, discusses how to make the most of the Apple tablet on the ground and in the air, the latest apps geared for flight training, those useful for VFR and IFR pilots, in-flight weather options, accessories, and useful tips and tricks.

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CST unless otherwise noted. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

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Big News on Aerobatic Practice Area Guidance!
At the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) annual convention, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced upcoming changes to FAA regulatory policy and guidance. Among those changes are significant modifications to aerobatic practice area (APA) guidance found in FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 5. Read more

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The agenda packets from the latest IAC Board of Directors meetings have been posted in the Members Only area of the IAC website. Look for them toward the bottom of the home page in the Leadership section.

Follow the 27th Unlimited World Aerobatic Championships as they come to Texas in 2013!
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