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JULY 2013   |  VOLUME 4  |  NUMBER 6
Editor's Note
Editor's Note This month, we celebrate the life of Roscoe Morton, a major contributor to the International Aerobatic Club and well-known air show announcer whose voice was a staple of AirVenture.

If you're not a member of the IAC, you don't receive Sport Aerobatics magazine. That means you won't be able to read the rest of Mark Benton's story in the July issue. It's well worth it for the way he ties flying a Boeing 727 in with aerobatics.

AirVenture is coming at the end of this month, and we'll be there. This year, they've decided to add a second nighttime air show. If you haven't seen an air show at night, you've got to try it. They're wonderful!

Also, keep in mind that the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships and the World Aerobatic Championships are coming to Grayson County, Texas. We hope to see you there, too!

Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next month.

Feature Stories
Feature Story 1 Remembering Roscoe Morton
By Mike Heuer, IAC 4

Over the past 30 years, there has scarcely been a person who has attended the EAA Oshkosh fly-in (now known as AirVenture) who has not heard the voice of Roscoe Morton, also known as the "Voice of Oshkosh," over the public address system. Over the years, he announced hundreds of air show performances and interviewed countless aviation personalities during the course of his service to EAA - both at Oshkosh and Sun 'n Fun at Lakeland, Florida, and many other aviation events. We are sad to announce that Roscoe passed away on Saturday, June 15, at his home in Frostproof, Florida, at the age of 81. Read more >>

Feature Story2 Cutting Grass With the Boeing 727
By Mike Benton
(Editor's Note: In Mark Benton's Pitts story in the June issue of Sport Aerobatics, he revealed his former occupation as a flight engineer on a Boeing 727, and the following story ensued. This is just a sampling of his article slated for July.)

Reggie (Paulk), you mentioned to me that when you were 15 years old, you took off as a passenger from the Denver airport on a hot summer day, and it seemed you barely got airborne as the aircraft ran out of runway. You stated, "I was a passenger on a UAL 727 out of Denver Stapleton when I was about 15 years old. I was sitting in the window and swear we were low enough to set the grass on fire at the departure end of the runway. That beast took forever to climb out of there that day!" Read more >>

Feature Story 3 Meet a Member - Blair Mohn
By Gary DeBaun, IAC 4145

GD: Blair, give us a little background on your venture into competition aerobatics.

BM: Between 1999 and 2002 I started flying aerobatics, competed in Basic (named Primary today) one time at a local contest, then quit. Two years ago a serendipitous meeting at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania airport rekindled my interest. Read more >>

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery Roscoe Morton was team captain for the United States team during the 1968, 1970, and 1972 World Aerobatic Championships and was instrumental in securing a solid victory for the U.S. in 1972. Here are some photos of some of the aircraft on the ramp during the 1970 contest in Hullavington, England. Notice the Pitts and Chipmunk; one now hangs at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, and the other at EAA AirVenture museum. View photos >>

Feature Video
Feature Video Kermit Weeks Fires up the Gee Bee
After 15 years, Kermit Weeks is getting a hankering to fly his Gee Bee again. In this video, he fires it up and takes it for a quick taxi around the patch. Will he fly it? Watch video >>

For some actual Gee Bee flying action, including some on-airplane footage, watch Delmar Benjamin fly his R-2 in an amazing air show routine.
Watch video >>

Feature Air Show
Feature Air Show Video Car vs. Plane
At first, this video doesn't make much sense, but stay with it and the answer will come. Pilots might feel a bit jilted by the outcome, but it's a fun video to watch, anyway! Watch video >>

Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo Can you identify the aircraft in this photo? What's its lineage? Let us know via email.

Last month's photo was of the Yak-18. For those of you who responded and didn't get an answer from Reggie, we are changing the way e-mails get sent so you get a timely response.

July 3, 2013 - 8 p.m. CDT: Leaning: The Advanced Class: FAA AMT and Wings Credit. In this follow-on to his "Leaning Basics" webinar, IA and CFI Mike Busch discusses lean-of-peak operation and the "red box/red fin" concept.

July 9, 2013 - 7 p.m. CDT: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 Features and Attractions: Jim DiMatteo, EAA vice president of AirVenture Features and Attractions, will discuss the latest news on what special features and attractions to expect during AirVenture 2013.

July 17, 2013 - 7 p.m. CDT: AOA: Why All the Confusion?: FAA Wings Credit. Elbie Mendenhall, manufacturer of the Rite Angle AOA systems, will discuss Angle of Attack (AOA) systems and their history. This webinar includes a plain language discussion of airfoils, stall characteristics, and airspeed indicators. Join us and learn more about the safety benefits of flying with an AOA system.

To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

Miss a webinar? All webinars are recorded and loaded onto the EAA Webinars Channel within 24 hours.

Updated Policy & Procedure Manual Is Now Available
On April 15, 2013, the International Aerobatic Club published proposed updates to P&P Section 504, dealing with team selection, and it solicited member comments. The following changes were made in response to feedback received during the comment period:
  • "Power" added to Unlimited and Advanced Teams to differentiate from Glider.
  • At paragraph 2(c)(1)(c), "U.S."...
Election Packets and Improvements to IAC's Governance
This year's IAC election packet, mailed in early June, asks for your vote to adopt improvements to IAC's governance proposed by the board. You may vote in person at IAC's annual meeting at Oshkosh, or by returning the proxy card enclosed in the election packet.

Read more information >> (Login required.)

OpenAero Version 1.3.2 Can Now Be Set to Print Forms A, B, and C!
OpenAero Version 1.3.2 can now be set to print forms A, B, and C, acceptable for use at IAC contests. Remember that all submitted Free programs must be checked, signed, and dated by a current IAC judge per IAC Rule 6.14, and that the competitor has final responsibility for the legality and legibility of the forms. IAC does not specifically test, approve, or endorse any sequence design or drawing software.

Get Your EAA AirVenture 2013 NOTAM
The EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) is now available for download.

The NOTAM, which is in effect from 6 a.m. Friday, July 26, through noon Monday, August 5, outlines procedures for all aircraft that fly to Oshkosh for the event, as well as the aircraft that land and depart at nearby airports.

CP Aviation Offers Vicki Cruse Memorial Scholarship
CP Aviation is pleased to announce that once again it will be offering an emergency maneuvering training scholarship in memory of Vicki Cruse valued at $3,100. This scholarship aims to promote aviation safety through unusual attitude and aerobatic training. The scholarship includes three modules of the EMT course which includes stall/spin awareness, in-flight emergencies, and basic aerobatics. Visit for more information.

This year's scholarship includes transportation and lodging of up to $2,000 due to a donation made in memory of Danny Franscioni, who lost his life while flying in September 2011. Danny was a member of the International Aerobatic Club and always looked forward to ending his workday with an evening flight over his farms in California's Salinas Valley. This donation increases the value of the scholarship to $5,100.

All applications received by July 15 will be considered for this year's award. Visit the IAC website for more information, or contact Judy Phelps at

Lightspeed Collegiate Grants
The IAC Collegiate Program is a finalist for a Lightspeed Aviation Foundation grant that would send five collegiate competitors to H-R Aviation in La Porte, Texas, to train five hours with Debby Rihn-Harvey.

Submit your vote or read more.

Board Establishes IAC Open Championship Title
At the spring directors meeting in San Carlos, the IAC board approved new aerobatic titles to be hosted each year by one Eastern U.S. and one Western U.S. regional contest. The titles are "IAC Open Champion East" and "IAC Open Champion West" for each category flown at the host contests.

This year the Wildwoods Acroblast will host the IAC Open East. The IAC Open West will be determined shortly. Read the May issue of Sport Aerobatics for details. Read more >>

Revised Pages to 2013 IAC Official Contest Rules
The IAC Official Contest Rules 2013 has just been updated with Revision 24.1, dated April 23, 2013. Sections affected by this edit are: 4.11.2 (page 4-9); 6.13.5 including Fig. 6.13.2 (page 6-10); and 7.3.1(d) (page 7-3). Page 2 of the foreword was also changed to reflect these revisions. This update is important. You'll find Revision 24.1 available for download here (requires login). Read more >>

Don't Miss WAC 2013 in the United States!
Visit the event website of the 2013 FAI World Aerobatic Championships for all the details.

2013 Rulebook Available for Download
The 2013 rulebook is now available in the IAC website's Members Only section.

2013 Aresti Catalogs Now Available
The 2013 Aresti catalogs are available here!

New Aerobatic Scholarship Available!
Greg Koontz announced that his aerobatic flight school, Greg Koontz Aerobatics at Sky Country Lodge, Ashville, Alabama, will provide a full scholarship to promote aerobatic instruction. "The scholarship is offered to support my interest in promoting and improving the aerobatic instruction field," Greg says. "As it is today, there are no set standards for qualifying aerobatic teachers. It is my hope to improve awareness for this need and help influence industry standards." Read more >>

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