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AUGUST 2013   |  VOLUME 4  |  NUMBER 7
Editor's Note
Editor's Note By Reggie Paulk, Editor - In the Loop

It's August, which means we have two major events coming very soon: Nationals and the World Aerobatic Championships. I'll be attending WAC, so please look me up if you're there.

International Aerobatic Club members will see an interview I did with 2012 Unlimited Power champion Rob Holland and Unlimited Glider champion Jason Stephens in the September issue of Sport Aerobatics. It gives a good insight into what goes into flying like a world champion.

This month, we have two issues that came up for both IAC members and members of the flying community in general. The IAC is helping fight a legal battle against a rogue city that has suddenly decided it's in the airspace regulation business. If you'd like to join the fight, please do.

On another note, one of the boxes containing ballots for our annual elections was lost, so the IAC will be sending out new ballots in order to make it right.

Feature Stories
Feature Story 1 IAC Establishes Airspace Protection Fund
By Bruce Ballew

The International Aerobatic Club has established the IAC Airspace Protection Fund to help support legal efforts that affect core activities of our organization. It is becoming increasingly difficult to exercise our rights to use the airspace to safely and legally conduct aerobatic activities. Claims of excessive noise and the inability to safely integrate aerobatic activities with other lawful aviation activities seem to be the most common complaints. Read more >>

Feature Story2 IAC's 2013 Election and Proxy Solicitation to Be Rerun
By Jim Ward, IAC Secretary
An issue arose with the International Aerobatic Club's 2013 election and proxy solicitation that drove IAC board members, meeting at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, to vote unanimously to rerun it.

One of three boxes containing ballots and proxy cards disappeared during shipment from IAC headquarters in Wisconsin to IAC's Nominations and Ballot Certification chair in Texas. Though IAC and EAA staff and volunteers tried to locate the box, they were unsuccessful. Read more >>

Feature Story 3 Meet a Member - Marcelo Sabat
By Gary DeBaun, IAC 4145

GD: Marcelo, you come from a country which is a "little" more restricted in its approach to sport aviation, so how did you find your way into aerobatics?

MS: You are right; Brazil is very restrictive in the aspect of aerobatics nowadays. We don't have any aerobatic schools anymore. Although we have a lot of aerobatic planes, most of them are private; they don't belong to any school, so it's a little hard to find a way to practice if you don't own an airplane. I was always fascinated with aerobatics; I always dreamed about it since I was a kid. So after I got my private pilot's license, I had the opportunity to get some lessons in the Mudry CAP-10B from the club. (It also doesn't belong to the club anymore, it was sold.) Read more >>

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery We've featured the clipped-wing Cub in Sport Aerobatics courtesy of Giles Henderson, but we rarely get to take a peek inside the little yellow airplane - until now. This photo gallery shows the nuts and bolts of a clipped Cub restoration, complete with a shot of the airplane on skis! View photos >>
Safety Video Forced Landings
Stay calm and fly straight
Ground loops are a phenomenon that affect tailwheel aircraft due to the fact that the main wheels are placed in front of the center of gravity. If you've ever pushed a shopping cart backward at high speed and felt how eagerly it wants to swap ends, you have experienced how a tailwheel airplane behaves.

These two videos are prime examples of what to do when your engine fails after takeoff or while close to the ground. Both pilots quickly came to terms that they wouldn't be landing at an airport and made the proper decision to land relatively straight ahead on the flattest possible area. At the end of the day, everyone lived to fly another day. Watch Video 1   : :   Watch Video 2

Feature Air Show
Feature Air Show Video 21,000 Feet in an S-2B
Spencer Suderman gave us his take on flying his Pitts to 21,000 feet with a new electronic ignition in Sport Aerobatics magazine. Here's the video to accompany the story. It's a long one, so you can skip ahead to watch the descent and landing. Watch video >>

Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo Can you identify the aircraft in this photo? What's its lineage? Let us know via email.

Last month's photo was of the Wolf Pro Pitts by Steve Wolf. For those of you who responded and didn't get an answer from Reggie again, we are still changing the way e-mails get sent so you'll get a timely response.

September 4, 2013 - 8 p.m. CDT: Is Your Mechanic a Minimalist or a Maximalist?: Do you believe that maintenance is a good thing, or a necessary evil? More importantly, what does your A&P believe? Maintenance guru Mike Busch offers some fascinating case studies of these two competing maintenance philosophies, and offers an impassioned argument that less maintenance is usually better.

To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

Miss a webinar? All webinars are recorded and loaded onto the EAA Webinars Channel within 24 hours.

OpenAero Version 1.3.2 Can Now Be Set to Print Forms A, B, and C!
OpenAero Version 1.3.2 can now be set to print forms A, B, and C, acceptable for use at IAC contests. Remember that all submitted Free programs must be checked, signed, and dated by a current IAC judge per IAC Rule 6.14, and that the competitor has final responsibility for the legality and legibility of the forms. IAC does not specifically test, approve, or endorse any sequence design or drawing software.

Lightspeed Collegiate Grants
The IAC Collegiate Program is a finalist for a Lightspeed Aviation Foundation grant that would send five collegiate competitors to H-R Aviation in La Porte, Texas, to train five hours with Debby Rihn-Harvey.

Submit your vote or read more.

Board Establishes IAC Open Championship Title
At the spring directors meeting in San Carlos, the IAC board approved new aerobatic titles to be hosted each year by one Eastern U.S. and one Western U.S. regional contest. The titles are "IAC Open Champion East" and "IAC Open Champion West" for each category flown at the host contests.

This year the Wildwoods Acroblast will host the IAC Open East. The IAC Open West will be determined shortly. Read the May issue of Sport Aerobatics for details. Read more >>

Don't Miss WAC 2013 in the United States!
Visit the event website of the 2013 FAI World Aerobatic Championships for all the details.

New Aerobatic Scholarship Available!
Greg Koontz announced that his aerobatic flight school, Greg Koontz Aerobatics at Sky Country Lodge, Ashville, Alabama, will provide a full scholarship to promote aerobatic instruction. "The scholarship is offered to support my interest in promoting and improving the aerobatic instruction field," Greg says. "As it is today, there are no set standards for qualifying aerobatic teachers. It is my hope to improve awareness for this need and help influence industry standards." Read more >>

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