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Editor's Note
Editor's Note By Reggie Paulk, Editor - In the Loop

I'm still sleepy from the tryptophan in my turkey, but the holidays are rushing by. I will admit I'm looking forward to December 21, if only so the days will start to lengthen. Here in Colorado, it starts to get dark at 5 o'clock in the afternoon!

We begin this month's newsletter with a primer on getting started in aerobatics. Many people choose not to fly during the winter months because the cold is such a painful adversary in many aerobatic cockpits. I think winter flying is some of the best there is. Not only is the air often silky smooth, but there's much less traffic to contend with due to the above reasons.

If you want to expose yourself to some of the best instructors, winter is a great time to do so. They are usually much less busy, especially if they are air show pilots. The IAC maintains a
list of aerobatic flight schools. Make some calls. You'd be surprised how friendly and knowledgeable these folks are.

Christmas and New Year's Day will be over before I return in January, so have a wonderful holiday season and a most happy New Year.

Feature Stories
Feature Story 1 Getting Started in Aerobatics
Mike Heuer, IAC #4

A lot of times, people will walk up to me at an aerobatic contest or air show and say, "You know, that really looks like fun and I really wish I could get into it, but I don't know where to start." There are probably a lot more people who would like to take a shot at aerobatics, but the very thought of leaving straight-and-level flight may make them uneasy or unsure how they will react to it. Read more >>

What Avgas Is in Our Future?
From the Chapter 38 newsletter
By Tom Myers

Chapter 38 is also known as the Northern California Aerobatic Club. One of the chapter's older newsletters has a very interesting conversation about the history, and future, of avgas in the United States. The piece, written by Tom Myers, is based on a talk given to an EAA group by a gentleman named Paul Milner. Read this story on page 3 >>

Feature Story 3 Dick and Dan Rihn
Renaissance men
The IAC's Chapter 19 was founded in 1982 in North Carolina. It conducts both the Carolina Boogie and the Mason-Dixon Clash contests each year. Looking through the chapter's old newsletters yielded an interesting article about Dick and Dan Rihn and their aerobatic legacy. The story begins on page four after on the following link. Read more >>

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery If you're searching the Internet for a website that no longer exists, a visit to the Wayback Machine might yield an archived copy. In much the same way, many websites have archives of older material that's good for a laugh or two. Chapter 52 in New York has photos that date prior to 2003, and it's amazing how some people's styles have changed over the years. View photos >>

Photo Gallery
Safety Midair
Collision between two skydiving planes
A group of skydivers from two airplanes were preparing to jump from their respective planes with cameras rolling when the worst happened. The only thing more amazing than this dramatic footage is that everyone involved walked away unharmed.

The lessons to take away from this video are that situational awareness, especially when flying with other aircraft in the vicinity, must never be sacrificed under any circumstance. Another lesson to be learned is that parachutes do indeed save lives. Watch video >>

Feature Video
Feature Video Hilarious Vintage Video
Chapter 58 in 1993
This video features a hilarious news account of a contest held more than 20 years ago in 1993. If you look closely, you might see a few familiar faces. We're pretty sure Bill Finagin was in there! Watch video >>

Feature Air Show
Feature Air Show Video Clipped Taylorcraft Takoff Roll
Warren Pietsch performs a roll on the deck in a beautiful clipped-wing Taylorcraft. His airplane has a bit more power than the original at 180 horses, but it's still an impressive feat for the little airplane. Watch video >>

Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo This month is a little different. Can you identify the pilot, and more importantly, what competition he's attending in the photo? Let us know via email.

Last month's photo was of the Extra 330 being rescued from the rain at the World Aerobatic Championship in Texas. Thank you for all who responded last month.

December 18, 7 p.m. CST: Ultimate Aircraft Buying Guide: Imagine owning the aircraft of your dreams. You can experience what thousands of others do every day by owning an aircraft. Scott Sky Smith, a nationally recognized aviation writer and speaker, will prepare you to buy your first (or next) aircraft. Whether you are buying a light sport, standard, or experimental, learn how to calculate the cost of operation, where the best deals are, best time of year to buy, and how to evaluate the price of your new purchase. He'll also discuss pilot requirements, insurance, and what to inspect before you buy.

To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

Miss a webinar? All webinars are recorded and loaded onto the EAA Webinars Channel within 24 hours.

Dates for 2014 U.S. National Aerobatic Championship Set
The dates for the 2014 U.S. Nationals are September 21-26 with a rain date of September 27.

Visit the Chapter Contest Calendar for your nearest contest.

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