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Janine Diana and Liz Tellock Welcome to EAA's New Volunteer Newsletter:
The EAA Volunteer

We are thrilled to share this new Volunteer Newsletter to keep you informed about activities and updates for AirVenture and year-round opportunities. Whether you are a current volunteer or you have been thinking about joining the EAA Family, we hope you will find this newsletter insightful. We are also working closely with the Volunteer AirVenture Chairs through monthly teleconferences to open the lines of communication, receive feedback, and share resources available to them. Read more >>

AirVenture Oshkosh
West Ramp Rats S P O T L I G H T
West Ramp Rats (aka Phillips66 Plaza)
This job description could be simply a series of action verbs: push, pull, tug, tote, coordinate, cajole, steer, sweat, and switch. Through 25 years, this area has been known as the Convention Taxiway (with "The Fingers"!), West Ramp, AeroShell Square, ConocoPhillips Plaza, and most recently Phillips 66 Plaza. But one group that stays the same is the 50 to 60 volunteers who move and place the aircraft and a variety of other things from stages to satellite trucks. They're known as the West Ramp Rats, a name that's stuck for more than 20 years. Read more >>

AirVenture Grounds AirVenture Grounds Projects Lining Up
Even in the middle of winter, grounds work and planning for AirVenture are in full gear. There are plenty of projects that are based on suggestions from Oshkosh visitors and volunteers. Some are facilities while others supply or support amenities on the grounds. Read more >>

Volunteer Program
Volunteers EAA & Volunteers: Right from the Beginning
Where did EAA's volunteer culture come from? Where did aviation enthusiasts from everywhere around the globe decide that devoting their time and energy to aviation and EAA was more than T-shirts, mugs, camping spots and other trinkets, but instead something that created a wonderful "whole" from many individual efforts? A family. Only in Oshkosh...... Read more >>

EAA Volunteer Advisory Committee Members Announced
EAA is truly blessed to have many thousands of dedicated volunteer members who not only promote aviation in their local communities throughout the year but also make the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh convention possible. In November, we announced the first EAA Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC), comprised of 11 appointed members, selected for their past volunteer leadership as well as their commitment to help improve the EAA volunteer experience in the future. Read more >>

The Role of the Volunteer Chair
Passion, hard-work, and dedication best describes this role! The volunteer Chair's role is more than a three-week effort. It is their many hours of hard work and dedication on a year-round basis that helps to make it possible for the world to come to Oshkosh year after year!

The key responsibility of a Chair is to coordinate a specific area of operation for AirVenture. Safety aspects, and the need to create a positive experience that encourages people to participate in aviation, are always key elements. A Chair is a longtime, experienced EAA member and is a leader by example. Our Chairs support the mission of EAA and represent the EAA family through time, dedication and interaction with other volunteers, EAA members, Oshkosh visitors, and EAA staff.

If you are an AirVenture Chair now, thank you! You're a critical connection between the organization and thousands of volunteers. Your input is essential to improvements of the event and your communication is important to ensure volunteers keep the event safe, fun, and help create one of the most memorable experiences for the AirVenture Oshkosh visitors.

Basic Training
RVA Zone Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety
By Karen Kryzaniak, EAA Director Risk Management

Based on great member and visitor feedback last year, one big item mentioned was "too many vehicles," especially in the central area near the exhibit hangars, Phillips 66 Plaza and the flight line. We've fortunately avoided any rash of injured pedestrians, but the more vehicles and people in a given area, the more potential exists. Thus, during AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 we'll raise safety awareness in the central area of convention. Read more >>

Volunteering & Contacts
Current Volunteer Opportunities
We are accepting applications for those interested in volunteering at AirVenture Oshkosh or on a year-round basis at EAA. For a listing of all of these volunteer opportunities, please visit our website and complete the application form to indicate your areas of interest and availability. If you have any questions, please contact Liz Tellock at

Volunteer Contacts
General Information:
Volunteer information: Janine Diana,
Volunteer opportunities: Liz Tellock,

Volunteer Advisory Committee:
Ken Decker, EAA 52084 -
Tim Fox, EAA Lifetime 335031 -
Dennis Hasha, EAA 227907 -
Ginny Largent, EAA 575325 -
Rich Largent, EAA 512497 -
Dave Mercer, EAA 379378 -
Joe Norris, EAA Lifetime 113615 -
John Nowicki, EAA 116894 -
Bonnie Parnall, EAA Lifetime 30554 -
Barbara Rapchak, EAA 638323 -
Alan White, EAA Lifetime 60137 -

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