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Weekend Work Parties Help Make it Happen!
By Brenda Anderson, Chapter Administrator, EAA #650581

Preparing the grounds for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is no small feat and is made possible through the volunteer efforts of many chapters and members. Each year we organize a series of work weekends where chapters come in and help prepare for the upcoming member convention. Weekend work parties have become an annual tradition for many chapters and are a fun way to check out in advance some of the changes to the grounds before it all begins. Read more >>
Volunteer Program
Volunteer Park Volunteer Park!
It will be ready for AirVenture 2013! As announced in our February volunteer eNewsletter, we have created a Volunteer Park area. This park-like shade area is just east of the Volunteer Kitchen and very close to the Volunteer Center in Camp Scholler. It will include benches and tables for volunteers to use as a gathering area for special events, meals, fun and family. This area will be accessible on a year-round basis.

We are planning a ribbon cutting ceremony on Sunday, July 28th. We would like to invite all volunteers to join us! The ceremony will begin at 3:00 pm and members of the Volunteer Advisory Committee will be present, as well as Jack Pelton, Chairman of the Board. This park is dedicated to the volunteers of the past, the present, and the future. Please join us as we gather to celebrate all EAA volunteers!

EAA Volunteers New Volunteer Opportunities for AirVenture
We have recently added several new areas to our AirVenture website that have asked for additional volunteers prior to and during AirVenture. Some new areas listed are Finance Department, Exhibits Office, and Federal Pavilion to name a few. More areas will be added in the next couple of weeks as well. We also have a need for volunteers to help monitor our Laser equipment at the Museum for a project between now and AirVenture. If you plan on arriving in Oshkosh prior to AirVenture, let us know if you can be of assistance! You can make a difference, no matter what your age, join in the fun! See our complete listing of volunteer opportunities prior to and during AirVenture.
AirVenture Oshkosh
FAA Pushing for Reimbursement of ATC Services
EAA has warned for months that general aviation is bearing the brunt of FAA's budget sequestration struggles. This month, just two months before AirVenture's opening day, the FAA has sprung a new plan on EAA. The agency announced that it is seeking reimbursement for incidental costs such as travel and per diem for all air traffic and FAA personnel at AirVenture – operations that are already budgeted in its current 2013 spending plan.

First, let's get this straight: There WILL be full air traffic and safety operations for AirVenture 2013. Our attendees deserve nothing less. This is a priority. We're dismayed that the FAA is asking for additional payments for simply doing its job at the world's busiest airport each year. It's even more daunting what it means to all of the GA community, which is why we're fully engaged on this issue in numerous directions. We'll keep you updated on its progress and if your involvement might be part of that.

Return of Champions Return of Champions Celebrates the 'Best of the Best' at Oshkosh
ach year aviators from around the world prepare their aircraft for judging at AirVenture, hoping that theirs will receive a coveted EAA Lindy award for being selected as the "best of the best." This year EAA is inviting all past champions to attend AirVenture for the Return of Champions - a weeklong celebration of award-winning aircraft from the past several decades. Read more >>

New Home for Chapters and Young Eagles
The heart of EAA is our chapters and Young Eagles programs. They bring EAA home for members in their local communities, allowing them to experience aviation with their friends, builders, pilots, and fellow enthusiasts each month. EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year will bring an exciting change of location for the home of the chapters, Young Eagles and Eagle Flights programs during AirVenture week. Read more >>

Interactive Zone EAA Education and Interactive Zone
By Jessica Buss PHR, Sr Human Resources Business Partner, EAA 1084418

The EAA Education and Interactive Zone is a new area for AirVenture 2013. Located between Knapp Street and Waukau Avenue in the old Light Sport Aircraft "LSA" Mall. This area will provide a collective area for exhibitors consisting of aviation companies, colleges, universities and military organizations hoping to reach the pre-college and college-age demographic.

Within the EAA Education and Interactive Zone is a new pavilion called the College Park, presented by American Airlines. The College Park will feature an aviation career fair, a college mixer event, Red Bird Simulator, and forums throughout the week. The job fair event will be held on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm including a number of businesses looking to obtain new talent for their organization. The college mixer event is on Friday, August 2, 2013 from 6:00pm-8:30pm to provide an opportunity for pre college AirVenture attendees to connect with a number of universities who provide programs for aviation careers.

Along with these events in EAA College Park, we are also having a fun interactive exhibit for part of the week from the History Channel! This new area will be an engaging and fun area on the ground for young and old. Be sure to visit "The Quad" during the week, too. We thank our presenting sponsor, American Airlines, and our supporting sponsor, Jeppesen.

Oshkosh, You Gotta Be There! Oshkosh, You Gotta Be There!
Get your AirVenture 2013 tickets at a reduced price and make your plans to join us for The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration! Tickets, camping, B-17, and Tri-Motor rides are available online.
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Basic Training
Camping and Visitor Guides: Not Just for Visitors
By Kathleen L. Witman, Project Manager, Marketing Services, EAA 709579

Every year thousands of visitors use the EAA Camping Guide and EAA Visitor Guide (formerly called the Info Guide) to plan their trip to EAA AirVenture. The EAA Camping Guide provides campers with need-to-know information for an enjoyable and safe visit. The EAA Visitor Guide is like a city guide that provides information about what to see and do during AirVenture week. Read more >>

AirVenture Emergency Response Plan
By Karen Kryzaniak, Director, Risk Management, EAA 444234

EAA has established procedures in preparation for, during and following a natural disaster during AirVenture. We have in place an emergency response plan as well as the support of city, county and state authorities that will respond to the general needs of EAA and our guests. The PowerPoint provided will give you an overview of EAA's commitment to safety as it relates to severe weather and other emergency scenarios. Read further information regarding EAA's severe weather procedures.
View the PowerPoint >>
Volunteering & Contacts
Current Volunteer Opportunities
We are accepting applications for those interested in volunteering at AirVenture Oshkosh or on a year-round basis at EAA. For a listing of all of these volunteer opportunities, please visit our website and complete the application form to indicate your areas of interest and availability. If you have any questions, please contact Liz Tellock at

Volunteer Contacts
General Information:
Volunteer information: Janine Diana,
Volunteer opportunities: Liz Tellock,
Volunteer Advisory Committee:
Ken Decker, EAA 52084 -
Tim Fox, EAA Lifetime 335031 -
Dennis Hasha, EAA 227907 -
Ginny Largent, EAA 575325 -
Rich Largent, EAA 512497 -
Dave Mercer, EAA 379378 -
John Nowicki, EAA 116894 -
Barbara Rapchak, EAA 638323 -
Alan White, EAA Lifetime 60137 -
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