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Katie Sweeney Joining the Team
Hi! I'm Katie Sweeney, EAA 1133651, and I'm the newest addition to the EAA human resources team. Part of my duties includes working closely with Janine Diana and Jack Pelton to help enhance your volunteer experiences with EAA and find ways to recognize our volunteers.

Working with volunteers is something I am very excited about as volunteerism has always been very close to me. I have been volunteering with the same organization for 10 plus years so I understand how important volunteers are and how great it is to see familiar and new faces each year.

It is impressive to hear how many hours volunteers give each year to support EAA. I look forward to working with all of you. If you have any questions or ideas, let me know! You can contact me at or at 920-426-4856.

Patti Bennett Volunteer Advisory Committee
We welcome Patti Bennett, EAA 1012172, as the latest member of EAA's Volunteer Advisory Committee, the group of your fellow volunteers who help EAA staff develop the best ways to welcome, retain and recognize our volunteers. Patti's first AirVenture experience was in 1984 and she became part of the massive volunteer force in 2002. Read more >>

AirVenture Oshkosh
Thunderbirds AirVenture Included on Initial Air Force Thunderbirds Schedule
The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, one of the world's premier military jet teams, has scheduled an appearance at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh as part of its 2014 flying schedule. The 62nd annual EAA fly-in convention is scheduled for July 28-August 3 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Read more >>

EAA to Expand College Park at AirVenture 2014
The College Park area at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, which made its debut in 2013 with dozens of aviation colleges and universities taking part, will expand in 2014 to include more opportunities for those seeking aviation careers and job openings. Read more >>

AirVenture AirVenture Dates Set Through 2020
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh has set its dates for the next seven years through 2020. While the 62nd annual EAA fly-in convention at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, will be held July 28-August 3, future years will schedule the event to run completely in late July. Read more >>

New AirVenture Logo New Look for AirVenture Logo
After eight years with substantially the same logo for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, that highly visible mark received a makeover for 2014. You'll notice right away an updated font and especially something else: The prominence of the word "Oshkosh" in the center of the logo. We all know that people around the world know the event simply as "Oshkosh." Using that name helps make the connection between the event and EAA (which isn't always clear to some, amazingly).

One other thing you might notice: Note the use of the '®' and 'TM' marks throughout the logo. That's important. It shows that the logo and the event name are protected items. They can't be used by others without EAA's permission, nor can they be cut and separated to fit someone else's ideas if they want to market themselves at the event. If you have any questions about that, just let us know.

Missions Accomplished: Pelton Says All Objectives Met in Stellar Week
When EAA Chairman Jack Pelton took to the podium for his annual wrap-up press conference at the end of AirVenture, he listed the seven key objectives EAA had heading into this year. And he was pleased to say all were accomplished. Read more >>

Perimeter Road North 40 Perimeter Road Shifts Slightly
A slight shift of the North 40 perimeter road at Wittman Regional Airport has been implemented, which is a part of the FAA-recommended project for the airport that already includes new service roads seen on the south end of the fly-in grounds this year. Read more >>
Volutneer Program
Expenses For Oshkosh HQ EAA Volunteers May Be Deductible
Thank you to everyone who volunteered at EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh in 2013. Whether you contributed as a volunteer at EAA AirVenture, the museum and Pioneer Airport, or other areas, your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Did you know that you may be allowed a federal and state income tax deduction for expenses incurred when volunteering at EAA headquarters? Expenses like transportation (including automobile mileage expense), lodging, and meals that you incur in connection with volunteer services performed on behalf of EAA may be fully or partially deductible as a charitable contribution on your personal income tax returns. To determine if you are allowed to deduct your expenses, EAA suggests that you consult with a qualified tax professional and review this memorandum, which has been drafted by our legal counsel.

Hops & Props Attend Hops & Props on Either Side of the Tap
Saturday, March 8, is one of the EAA AirVenture Museum's most popular annual events: Hops & Props, which features beverages and food, master brewers, microbrews, live music and more. The proceeds from the event help underwrite the cost of museum activities throughout the year, including free aviation education programs. EAA staff members and volunteers get together to make this one of the Oshkosh area's favorite events.

Save the Date - 2014 Weekend Work Parties
We're looking for people who love having an insider's view of how EAA and AirVenture work. One of the best ways is through the upcoming spring and summer Weekend Work Parties on the AirVenture grounds. Spend a weekend day or two with us in Oshkosh and you'll get that insider's view, while meeting some other great EAA members and knowing that you help build The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. The work varies but can include carpentry, grass cutting, painting, gardening, general maintenance, and things we probably haven't thought of yet.

We love meeting volunteers from all over during these weekends. We're also putting together special programming for each weekend just for Weekend Work Party Volunteers, so there's some fun and fellowship, too. Upcoming Dates in 2014: May 3-4, May 17-18, June 7-8, June 21-22, June 28-29, July 12-13, July 19-20.

More information on registration and programming to come soon. If you have any questions, please contact Theresa Meixensperger, EAA 849135, at 800-236-4800 ext. 4819 or Didn't see a date that worked for you? Contact John Hopkins, EAA 763327, at EAA's Kermit Weeks Hangar for further Weekend Work Party opportunities: 800-236-4800 ext. 4875 or

Make Sure Your Friends Are Receiving The EAA Volunteer Newsletter
Be sure your family and friends are receiving EAA's volunteer e-newsletter! We track our volunteers and keep them up to date as best we can, but there are always some we miss. Please spread the word! Receiving the e-newsletter gives all our volunteers the opportunity to stay in touch with EAA and AirVenture updates and activities throughout the year. Subscribe >>

What You're Thinking - What We're Finding
Among the ways EAA headquarters has been further engaging with volunteers is through an annual survey to see what's working and what else could be done. The results of the 2013 survey are in, with nearly 1,500 volunteers participating! Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.

Those volunteers are about 21 percent of the total volunteer corps. The good news is that nearly 95 percent of EAA's volunteers said that overall they are satisfied with their volunteer activity. Where can we do better? 24 percent of the volunteers said that recognition and rewards could be more consistent and fair, while 22 percent felt their opinions don't count. While those are minority viewpoints, it gives EAA staff and the Volunteer Advisory Committee a goal to achieve as we try to find more specifics on needs in those areas.

EAA is very thankful for the support volunteers give year round. We will evaluate the survey further to find ways to enhance your volunteer experience. If you ever have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Volunteer Spotlight Volunteer Spotlight
One thing that AirVenture volunteers are known for are getting people energized about the great culture and activities within EAA. That's especially true for those "front-line" volunteers who welcome visitors at admissions, campground and flight line. Bringing those visitors into EAA makes the organization and programs even better. Read more >>
Basic Training
Safeguarding Volunteers and Visitors
One of the most important things we do at EAA is to ensure the highest levels of safety for our volunteers and those who attend EAA activities and events such as AirVenture. It's essential for our continued success as well as the reputation of EAA, its staff and volunteers.

In today's environment, EAA does get questions regarding the backgrounds of those who might work and volunteer in certain areas, especially with young people. That's why we seek to follow best practices in those areas. Some of those are common-sense measures, such as keeping youth programs in an open, group setting and always welcoming parents and guardians to observe what we do at anytime. For longer-period activities or residential camps, EAA also conducts basic background checks for staff and volunteers, using those best practices as guidelines.

We're also studying the resources that can help EAA chapters and volunteers if they want to look at background checks for their activities, too. We want to balance the necessary safeguards with not making requirements overly burdensome or cost-prohibitive. As those programs continue to be evaluated and developed, we'll share them with chapter officials.

EAA Fighting Identity Fraud (You Can Help!)
We've all heard about it in the news: There are people out there who want to get your personal information and do nasty things with it. While EAA has been fortunate in not having problems with identity fraud in its transactions, that doesn't mean we can ignore it. That's why EAA is strengthening its protection for everyone who has transactions at AirVenture and throughout the year.

We are following the best standards of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, which helps protect personal and credit information for EAA members, AirVenture attendees and others. By following those increased standards, we not only safeguard personal information, but prevent increased fees on transactions and possible fines to EAA, and even suspension of credit card acceptance at EAA events and on our website.

EAA volunteers are an important step to preventing identity fraud, especially in areas such as AirVenture admissions or anywhere else where you might handle electronic payments. We're creating training that will help those volunteers who handle those transactions. You'll be hearing more about that very soon.
Volunteering & Contacts
Current Volunteer Opportunities
We are accepting applications for those interested in volunteering at AirVenture Oshkosh or on a year-round basis at EAA. For a listing of all of these volunteer opportunities, please visit our website and complete the application form to indicate your areas of interest and availability. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Sweeney at

Volunteer Contacts
General Information:
Katie Sweeney, EAA 1133651 -
Janine Diana, EAA Lifetime 1082064 -
Volunteer Advisory Committee:
Patti Bennett, EAA 1012172 -
Ken Decker, EAA 52084 -
Tim Fox, EAA Lifetime 335031 -
Dennis Hasha, EAA 227907 -
Ginny Largent, EAA 575325 -
Rich Largent, EAA 512497 -
Dave Mercer, EAA 379378 -
John Nowicki, EAA 116894 -
Barbara Rapchak, EAA 638323 -
Alan White, EAA Lifetime 60137 -
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