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Flight Lead
A Note From the Editor
Harold Cannon,
Flight Lead
Jet Formation Flying
The most vivid memory of my first trip to EAA Oshkosh over 15 years ago was that of the Warbirds of America air show. All of those formation takeoffs were 
Formation flying
fantastic. I  thought that those pilots must all have been ex-military fighter jocks of the highest caliber. For certain, many of them were, but just as many were civilians with a love of flying and history. They had spent resources and time to become proficient, and this was their time in the "big show."
A few years later I found myself working on formation skills in a T-34, and behind the curve a lot. With help from those with formation experience (and a fair amount of patience on their part), things finally came together. Last Sunday it was time for some practice in the L-39. If you've wondered what that's like, click below to ride along. For my elders and betters…I'm still learning, and some days more than others. Read more
Echelon Left
By Rick Siegfried, President, EAA Warbirds of America
AirVenture Horizon
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010 is just days away, and this year is shaping up to be a banner one for Warbirds of America. Executive Director Bill Fischer has been very busy this year coordinating many new items as well as the normal Warbird activities for Oshkosh. Bill deserves a special thank-you for all his efforts. New construction and improvements will help us in the warbirds area. The extension of the merchandise/registration building, moving of the former registration building to a new guest relations/welcome area, the new pavement for the Scotts Warbird Alley, and of course the new Veterans Tribute Memorial at the north end of Warbird Alley are a few. Read more Rick Sigfried
Test Flight
Maintenance and Restoration News
FW-190 Resurrected
Photo galleryThe number of years and the sheer manpower it takes to bring some warbird artifacts back to life is nothing short of incredible. The story of Focke-Wulf FW-190 A3 Werkenr.0132219, also known as "Black 3," is one of an aircraft that wouldn't die. It crashed three times but only once to battle damage. When it crashed in 1943 due to fuel starvation in Norway, it wasn't discovered until 1984. Now the aircraft is in the hands of the Texas Air Museum, which has resurrected Black 3 from its mountain grave. View the photos
Mission Profile
July’s Featured Stories
The Battle of Palmdale
Some days, even the best preflight plans of the pros go terribly wrong. Know about the battle we fought against ourselves over Los Angeles? It makes for some pretty interesting Cold War reading - and a great exercise in counting how many links are in an accident chain. Read more Battle of Palmdale
World's Only Flyable B-29 to Start Test Flights
One of my fond memories of my early visits to EAA Oshkosh was standing with a fellow pilot in the FAA weather briefing line, planning for the next day's trip home. "Whatcha fly?" came up as it always does. My pride-and-joy first aircraft (a very sweet Piper Archer) got Fifi
taken down several notches when he replied Fifi the B-29. After several years of rebuild and repairs, Fifi has returned to flight. Read the story
How Do You Get a B-17 on Your Roof?
Try a little postwar patriotism, a birthday party, and a few adult beverages. With permission from KVAL News in Eugene, Oregon, read the story of how a warbird became an Oregon landmark. Read the story B-17
From the EAA Warbirds Community
The Warbird Island message forum at Oshkosh365 is as active as ever. Have a look at the list below and follow the links to read the actual questions and discussion topics. Oshkosh365

Issue 7, July 2010

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Gun Camera

In the Moment: Carrier Landings

I know in every aviator's heart there beats the belief that he could park one on the carrier if called to do so. So for those of us who are untested true believers, here's some footage taken via a helmet-mounted video camera worn by the pilot of a Navy T-45 jet trainer as it's catapulted from an aircraft carrier's deck and then circles around to land again on the carrier. This is called "taking a lap." This presentation is about a close as one can get to the real experience, save for the acceleration and g loading experienced during the real deal. Thanks to the U.S. Navy for its service and a little peek into "coming aboard."


Watch the video

A Trip Through the Boneyard
A visitor pass, a case of film, and the chance of a lifetime back in '68 make a great photo essay on the Davis-Monthan Boneyard. Now this is the stuff I would like to see on eBay!
Photo gallery
View the gallery

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