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Safety Brief
Public-Use Airports: A Closer Look
Airports come in all shapes and sizes and can provide pilots with opportunities for both education and enjoyment at any level. The November/December 2011 issue of FAA Safety Briefing takes an in-depth look at the nation's wide array of public-use airports, highlighting the benefits of exploring new places to land as well as helping raise awareness of runway safety and wildlife hazards. Read the issue Safety Brief
Test Flight
Maintenance and Restoration News
Swift Fuel Runs an R-2800 Radial
More than 100 gallons of Swift Enterprises' 100SF powered an unmodified Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine during three days of testing conducted in Grangeville, Idaho. Test results showed that 100SF produced a higher detonation onset threshold than 100LL. The engine was operated at 115-145 octane takeoff power settings, and there Swift Fuel
were no indications of engine knock. EAA Warbirds of America encourages the fuel industry to continue its research and development efforts to find suitable replacements for 100LL. Read more
Halifax 57 Rescue Report No. 39: Gifts From Malta
Rare recovered Hastings and Halifax parts which were discovered in a disused scrapyard in Malta after sitting there for over 35 years have arrived at Halifax 57 Rescue's headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. With the help of the Malta Historic Vehicle Trust and the Malta Halifax 57
Aviation Museum, 57 Rescue recovered center-section cores of two Halifax bomber projects, two Bristol Hercules radial engines, and all four main landing gears for a Handley Page Hastings whose wings are modified from Halifax wings. Read the update
GI News
Updates on Warbird and Squadron News
Did Bruce Car Steal an Fw 190?
Last month we brought you a story published in Air Force Magazine in 1995 about P-51 pilot Bruce Carr who was allegedly shot down in October 1944 and evaded capture for several days before he stole an Fw 190 and belly-landed back at his air base. AirVenture Today writer Mark Phelps wrote to point out that there is controversy over this story. Video evidence shows Carr, wearing a clean shave and parachute, likely ferried the aircraft back after the war was over and  Bruce Carr
might not have understood how to operate the landing gear. View the video | Read the original article
Elkhart Warbird Weekend
Observations of a rookie
Bill Foraker and Matt Throckmorton flew to the Elkhart Warbird Event weekend in Elkhart, Indiana, last month in their recently acquired AT-6D. It was a full weekend of formation flying, local excursions to a football game flyover, and the ever popular flour drop. For these two "newbie" AT-6D owners, it was a memorable time. Read more Elkhart Warbird Weekend
Al Capone and Butch O'Hare
What do Al Capone and the O'Hare Airport have in common? No, it's not the usual story about Chicago and its history of organized crime. Instead it's an unlikely tale of crime and patriotism. Read more Al Capone and Butch O'Hare
Flying Tigers Heritage Park
A group is raising funds to build a museum in Guilin, China, that honors the memory of the Flying Tigers, the nickname given to the 1st American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force from 1941 to 1942. The Flying Tiger Historical  Flying Tigers
Organization Inc. will build the facility on one of the Flying Tigers' actual airstrips used during World War II to help resupply Chinese forces fighting Japan. Read more
Warbirds Commemorative Brick Makes a Great Holiday Gift
Looking for that special, lasting gift this holiday season? EAA Warbirds of America (WOA) recommends purchasing a commemorative brick in the Eagle Plaza on the EAA AirVenture grounds. WOA members and volunteers, veterans, and the public can purchase an inscribed  Warbirds Commemorative Brick
brick and have it installed at this special monument, which features a beautiful cast bronze eagle perched atop a six-sided base paying tribute to the five branches of U.S. military. Read more
Mission Profile
Featured Stories
My World War II POW Experience - Part 5
In Part 5 of Walter J. Nachtwey's story of when he was a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II, life at the camp was somewhat normal but melancholy. The prisoners put on plays and sang, but holiday songs caused their thoughts to weigh heavily on their  POW
families as they were still far away. Then in January of 1945 as the Russian Army closed in, the camp was evacuated, and they were sent on a days-long march where survival was now the only goal. Read Part 5
A Nose for Art
Ever wonder how nose art gets created? Here's the story of Don Allen, a ground crewman with the 4th Fighter Group's 334th Squadron. Don did his share of nose art in World War II. After watching the first video, click the second link to see how it's done today! Includes a B-25 owned by  Nose Art
EAA Warbirds member Rod Lewis. Nose art | How it's done today
How the O-2s Really Got There
It was 1967 or maybe early 1968, and the Air Force had bought a mess of Cessna Super Skymasters and called them O-2s. The Cessna factory at Wichita, Kansas, was pumping them out at a pretty good clip, and your problem was to figure out how to get them to Vietnam.  Skymaster
Richard Wood, who served in the Air Force during that time in Hawaii, witnessed the usual journey these aircraft took to Southeast Asia. Read more
Elkhart Warbird Fly-In
The Elkhart Warbird fly-in must have been quite the event. Here at Briefing we're always looking for local reporting. This aviation happening generated two unsolicited articles! Rumor has it that our Warbirds of America President Rick Siegfried was in attendance and may have been spotted dropping flour bombs (all with appropriate waivers of course)! Chuck "Marshmellow" Marshall wrote up all the action-and did his best to protect the innocent. (Ahem!) Read more Elkhart Fly-In
Arsenal of Democracy: Willow Run
Henry Ford determined that he could mass-produce bombers just as he had done with cars. He built the Willow Run assembly plant and proved it. Located between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan, it was the world's largest building under one roof; even then, "Ford had a better idea." The film that follows shows Willow Run factory
the magnitude of American industrial power-one B-24 every 55 minutes. Watch the video
Owning and Flying a T-34 - Part 2
We continue this month with the second part of Todd McCutchan's story about his T-34. The preflight and start-up of the T-34 is very straightforward and immediately familiar to any GA-experienced pilot, with no special equipment required save for a Dzus tool or flat-head screwdriver to open the T-34
engine cowl doors. The differences between the T-34 and its Bonanza cousins don't really start to stand out until you climb up on the wing and roll the canopy back. Read more

Issue 10, November 2011

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Gun Camera
Twenty-four Hours on a Ship
This video has it all: timelapses, dramatic photography, and tons of cool aircraft. It's a typical day on the USS Carl Vinson, the same carrier that hosted an NCAA basketball game this past Veterans Day.

Watch the video


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Fifty Years of Fly Baby
Join Ron Wanttaja as he talks about the history and characteristics of one of EAA's earliest homebuilts, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1962 EAA Design Competition.
bullet Tuesday, November 22: Building a Canadian Amateur-Built Aircraft with Jack Dueck
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