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Flight Lead
A Note From the Editor
Harold Cannon,
Year-End Notes
The year 2011 was a full one for the Warbirds community, and one that was unfortunately marred by the loss of several of our colleagues and in one case a personal friend of mine. Tiger Moth
We all make New Year's resolutions; we think about our health, our bad habits, and maybe our relationships with those we love. I want to take a moment to ask you all to reflect on the wonderful privilege some of us enjoy in caring for and flying pieces of very important history. Read more
Safety Brief
The Real Zero-Zero
Remember your quest for the instrument rating? Did your instructor pilot ever have you actually land under the hood? Harold's did, and he thought at the time that it will never happen again! Turns out that things have a way of coming around. From the Backcountry Pilot forums comes a tale of military aviation at its finest. Zero-zero for real! Read more Runway lights
Test Flight
Maintenance and Restoration News
Warbirds Member Has Question About Altimeters
One of our fellow Warbirds of America members, Gennaro Avolio, WOA 551224, has sent us a question about the pointers on an altimeter that ride the outer edge of the display face. Do you have an answer? Or maybe a question for next month? I see a series here! Read the question Altimeter
Halifax 57 Rescue Report No. 40
Our colleagues north of the border remain totally dedicated to the preservation of the Halifax bomber. Their latest update contains exciting news of engine discoveries and tons of parts in none other than a World War II bunker! 
Read more
Halifax report
GI News
Updates on Warbird and Squadron News
Make Plans for NWOC
One of the few bright Warbird Winter highlights is the National Warbird Operator Conference. NWOC provides a time to think about the year ahead, get a great safety mind-set going, and catch up with friends. This year it's in Chino, California, and it's time to start making plans. Read more NWOC
Pearl Harbor 70th Commemorated at EAA
EAA's Founders' Wing in Oshkosh hosted AMVETS Post 7's commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker led a group of dignitaries honoring those Pearl Harbor commemoration
who served, including Appleton resident Clyde Stephenson, who was serving in the Marines at Pearl Harbor when the attack occurred. Read more
Warbirds Commemorative Brick Makes a Great Holiday Gift
Still Looking for that one last holiday gift? EAA Warbirds of America (WOA) recommends purchasing a commemorative brick in the Eagle Plaza on the EAA AirVenture grounds. WOA members and volunteers, veterans, and the public can purchase an inscribed  Warbirds Commemorative Brick
brick and have it installed at this special monument, which features a beautiful cast bronze eagle perched atop a six-sided base paying tribute to the five branches of U.S. military. Read more
Mission Profile
Featured Stories
My World War II POW Experience - Part 6 Liberation
We conclude the story of Walter J. Nachtwey’s experience as a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II. The long march from Stalag Luft III ended at a larger camp with prisoners from many nations. Months later, liberation came quietly at first, then dramatically as none other than  Transient camp
General George S. Patton crashed through the gate with a tank. Adjustment to freedom was another story - from real food to the reception at home which was surprising. Read Part 6
Welcome to Ireland
Ireland was officially neutral during World War II, and it interned about 240 German and Allied combatants captured on Emerald Isle soil from 1940 to 1944. This little-known side of the war is told in a 2008 short film, The German, with some great  The German
CGI dogfighting between a Spitfire and Me-109, followed by a surprise ending. Watch the video
Monthan Memories
Some of you might recall an article in Briefing a number of months back about a ferry flight in a Stearman from California to New Mexico. One of the highlights of that adventure was flying directly over the "boneyard" at Davis-Monthan Air  Aerial
Force Base. That's a picture from the Stearman above. Rows of B-52s and F-111s were apparent from the air, and the scope of the place was unbelievable. Ever wonder what used to be there? Read more
Planes That Weren't
Ever have a great idea that just didn't quite measure up? We have, too. But we aren't alone-seems to happen even to the best military minds. Go to Innovation News Daily to get "Ten Military Aircraft That Never Made It Past the Test Phase." One of those hover stands would be really nice. Read more Hover

Issue 11, December 2011

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Gun Camera  
The A-10 at Work
The editor likes planes that some say are, well, less than attractive. One of his favorites is the A-10. 

See the Hog at work

F-5 Gear-up Landing
We just discovered this video of an Iranian F-5 that landed with its nose gear retracted. It is unclear if the nose gear would not extend or snapped off on landing. Either way, as the following article suggests, those on the ground seemed unprepared for its arrival.

Watch the video

Noorduyn YC-64 Norseman Mk.IV
The Norseman was a utility aircraft used during World War II to help with various tasks including establishing an aircraft ferrying route across Greenland. It also was carrying musician Glenn Miller when he disappeared over the English Channel in 1944. This aircraft and others were found on the unique site

Monthly, Chino, California
EAA Warbirds Squadron 16 meetings are held every month on the first and third Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Planes of Fame Air Museum, Briefing Room, 7000 Merrill Avenue, Chino, California 91710. 
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From the EAA Warbirds Community
bullet What constitutes a "warbird"?
bullet PT-26
bullet Anyone looking for a warbirds-related career?
bullet ICAS 2011 Video - "We Remember"
bullet C-47/DC-3 Info
bullet Video - color footage of the 100th Bomb Group
bullet AT-6/SNJ Spins
How to Bail Out and Survive!
This webinar explores all aspects of a bailout including mental attitude, preflight preparation, getting out of your aircraft, deploying your parachute, and landing safely back on earth. You'll also learn other steps you can take to increase your chances of surviving a bailout and even how to choose the right parachute for you. 
bullet Wednesday, January 4, 8 p.m.: All About Magnetos with Mike Busch (AMT credit)
bullet Thursday, January 19: Emergency Bailout Procedures and Survival Equipment for Pilots with Allen Silver (Wings credit)
bullet Friday, January 27: A Chat With Air Racing Legend Bill Brennand with Jim Cunningham

All webinars begin at 7 p.m. CST unless otherwise noted. To find out more about upcoming EAA Webinars and to register, visit the webinars page.

EAA gratefully acknowledges the support of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. for their generous sponsorship of our webinar programs.

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