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Flight Lead
New EAA Warbirds of America QR Code Program
EAA has a new member benefit at Warbirds. A QR (Quick Response) code reader that will direct air show attendees to a website featuring your Warbird. This website will tell the story of your aircraft history, restoration, performance data, etc. Read more Rick Seigfried
Safety Brief
FAAST Blast - FAA Safety Briefing News Update
This update provides videos and access to important information covered at the FAASTeam’s Annual Safety Standown seminars. Also get details on the May/June issue of FAA Safety Briefing, which focuses on extreme weather. Read more FAAST Safety Briefing News Update
Test Flight
Maintenance and Restoration News
A B-17 the Size of a Cessna
While there are plenty of 7/8-scale and even 3/4-scale flying fighter replicas - the latter would give an F4U Corsair lookalike a wingspan of just under 30 feet - nobody has ever attempted to shrink a A B-17 the Size of a Cessna
four-engine bomber down by two-thirds and still make it flyable. Nobody but Jack Bally, of Dixon, Illinois, that is. Read more
GI News
Updates on Warbird and Squadron News
Canadian Skyhawks Parachute Team to Make First AirVenture Appearance
The Canadian SkyHawks parachute team, the official skydiving team of the Canadian Forces, will be performing July 27-29 at Oshkosh, showcasing their skills through a variety of unique aerial maneuvers, formations, and other feats. Read more The Canadian SkyHawks Parachute Team - First AirVenture Appearance
B-29 Superfortress FIFI Returns to Oshkosh
The Commemorative Air Force’s iconic Boeing B-29 bomber FIFI – the only remaining flying example of the aircraft in the world – will return to Oshkosh to participate at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012, and flights on the aircraft are available. Read more B-29 Superfortress FIFI Returns to Oshkosh
Glacier Girl Returning to AirVenture on 20th Anniversary of Airplane’s Recovery
In 1992, the Oshkosh Fly-In was the first stop for a rescued Lockheed P-38 retrieved from under the ice in Greenland that would become the beautiful restoration Glacier Girl. The fearsome twin-boom fighter aircraft has become one of the world’s most well-known warbirds since its rescue, Glacier Girl Returning to AirVenture
and it will return to Oshkosh for EAA AirVenture on the 20th anniversary of its first public appearance. Read more
P-40 Found in Egypt Desert
Much like the finding of King Tut’s tomb, a vital piece of our country’s history was discovered in the Western Desert of Egypt. Find yourself taken back in time as you imagine being the pilot of this lost P-40, now frozen in time by the desert. P-40 Found in Egypt Desert
How Man Acquired B-17 for Gas Station
Read this humorous account by Bob Steenbock of how Oregon came to occupy the only B-17 gas station known of to this day. Read more Man Acquired B-17 for Gas Station

Issue 14, July 2012

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Gun Camera  
Ridin’ in a P-51
Ridin’ in a P-51
Every warbird enthusiast loves the P-51. In this video, Dr. Ken Wagner takes us up in his World War II-era P-51 Mustang in the skies above Southern California, explaining what it’s like to own and fly the most iconic WWII warbird of all time.
1945 Harpoon Caught on Video
1945 Harpoon
Check out this amazing air-to-air video of a 1945 PV-2D Harpoon –one of only three flying examples in the world - shot on the way home from an air show. What a great experience for the young lady behind the camera!
Newsreel: Tuskegee Airmen
Tuskegee Airmen
As AirVenture 2012 prepares to pay tribute to "The Greatest Generation in the Air," EAA collected some vintage World War II newsreel footage describing the history and contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen. To all of our veterans, a big “Thank You!” for all you’ve done and continue to do.

July 20-23
Cincinnati, OH
EAA Warbirds Squadron 18 will host Historical Flight Foundations DC-7B aircraft tour stop & rides. Start 9 am each day.
Info: 513-241-1661.

July 20-22
Rock Falls, IL
Warbirds Over Whiteside event held at Whiteside County Airport (KSQI). All types of warbirds are welcome. Aircraft owners & crews receive discounts on fuel, hotel, transportation and nightly hangar parties. Make this a stop on the way to AirVenture 2012!
Info: Gary Schopp 815-632-3182 or Mike Dowell 815-622-3591.

July 23-29
Oshkosh, WI
EAA AirVenture, World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.

July 28
Everett, WA
Fighter Evolution Day during Free Summer Fly Days at the Flying Heritage Museum. This month the P-51 & Spitfire will be flying across the sky! The flights are planned activities but are subject to weather conditions, pilot availability, and the mechanical condition of the aircraft. Fly Days may be cancelled without notice due to these factors.
Please call (877) FHC-3404 or visit us at

From the EAA Warbirds Community
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bullet Video: Planes of Fame – 1960s
bullet Stuka recovered from the Baltic
bullet The sound of a V-1
bullet P-63 flying
bullet Desert P-40
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