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Warbirds Briefing eNewsletter
  Issue 15, November 2012
Flight Lead
Harold Cannon First Message From New Warbirds President
This is my first editorial for Briefing as Warbirds president, and in a way the last one I will write as an editor. (Perhaps I should say former editor!) Briefing is now in the capable hands of WOA Secretary Bill Miller. As in all things EAA Warbirds of America, Bill is a volunteer. When asked to step up to the task of editing Briefing, he didn't hesitate (at least not very much). I am very proud of what Briefing has been in the past, and I know I am leaving it in very capable hands. Read more

  Bill Miller Thank you Harold!
As your new Briefing editor, I modestly accept the challenge to fill the shoes of Harold Cannon, who has moved into his role as the new president of EAA Warbirds of America. I wish him well as he attempts to fill the shoes of outgoing president Rick Siegfried. Congratulations to Harold and a heartfelt thank-you to Rick. I also would like to thank Warbirds of American Executive Director Bill Fischer for his "air cover" with the newsletter. Read more
  Safety Brief FAAST Logo Pilot Safety Tip: Avoiding Expectation Bias
A pilot calls the tower and reports ready for departure on Runway 10. The controller clears the pilot for takeoff on Runway 17. The pilot reads back his clearance for takeoff on Runway 10 - and then stops on the runway when he spots an aircraft inbound opposite direction for his runway. What happened here was a case of expectation bias. Read more
  Test Flight Maintenance and Restoration News

Russian C-47 Russian C-47 Dakota Found in Siberia
Despite the obvious scavenging, this C-47 Dakota aircraft appears fairly complete and in excellent condition - most likely due to the Siberian climate. At the moment there does not appear to be a recovery effort. Anybody up for a trip to Siberia? Read more

  P-61b Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's P-61B Black Widow Restoration Project
If you haven't been following the progress of the P-61B restoration project at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania, now might be a good time to get caught up. There are only four known P-61 Black Widows worldwide, and three are on permanent static display in national museums. This project — a 30-plus-year labor of love — aims for an airworthy aircraft. A fantastic story of exploration, recovery, and restoration is detailed on the museum's website.

This Black Widow project was conceived and is being led by World War II veteran Eugene "Pappy" Strine, museum co-founder. The journey began at a wartime crash site on a jungle-cloaked New Guinea mountaintop in the South Pacific nearly three decades ago. It will culminate when this rare plane does what its three sisters can no longer!

  Spitfires Myanmar Okays Deal to Dig Up Buried Spitfires
The large number of Spitfires - as many as 60 - that were discovered buried in Myanmar (formerly Burma) will be unearthed after an agreement was signed between the Myanmar government and a British aviation enthusiast. This amazing find features still-crated warbirds that were buried by the British military in August 1945. This story gives more detail on the recent find and current recovery status. For warbird lovers (aren't we all?), this is fantastic! Read more
  GI News Updates on Warbird and Squadron News

Bob Besal Naval Aviator Returns to Underwater Crash Site
Often we hear about military aviators who are reunited with their aircraft after many years, but not many get a chance to reunite with an aircraft that crashed in the ocean. That was the case for Bob Besal, who ejected from his Vought A-7 Corsair while training off the coast of Florida in 1974. His plane had collided with an aircraft next to him during simulated bombing runs. Read more
  Mission Profile Frank Whittle – 1942 Jet Pioneer Documentary Frank Whittle - 1942 Jet Pioneer Documentary
The jet engine is among the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It changed the face of our planet and now permits 1.5 billion air passenger journeys a year. The 2010 documentary, Whittle - The Jet Pioneer, tells the story of Sir Frank Whittle, the aviator and engineer who invented the jet engine. A DVD of the documentary, told in dramatic style against the backdrop of World War II and a race against the Nazis for air superiority, was released on October 2, 2012, the 70th anniversary of the first U.S. jet flight. Read more

  Unexploded WWII Bombs Unexploded WWII Bombs Still Not That Unusual After 70 Years!
Unexploded WWII bombs are still regularly found in Europe. The most recent example found in the center of Munich, Germany, was detonated in a controlled explosion in September 2012. "Germany remains contaminated with unexploded bombs that are becoming increasingly unstable with age," warns one of the country's most experienced bomb diffusers. Read more

  WWII Blimps WWII Blimps at Naval Air Station Richmond
Our fascination with warbirds and the role they have played is great, but when you think of warbirds, do you ever consider the blimp? Airships initially were used only for the purpose of patrol and convoy escort and, later on, they were utilized for many other purposes. Other uses of the airships include aerophoto reconnaissance, parachute unit transport and deployment, cargo and personnel transportation, naval mine laying, mine sweeping, and other missions. Watch this video tour of the Naval Air Station at Richmond and learn more about the U.S. "Lighter than Air" story.
  Gun Camera 60 Years of Military Aviation VIDEO: 1907 to 1967 - 60 Years of Military Aviation
This 25-minute, black-and-white documentary produced by the U.S. Air Force in 1967 traces the history of U.S. airpower from its official beginning in 1907. It was produced to highlight the Air Force's 20th anniversary as a separate military service (1947 to 1967). The film highlights the early days of aviation, the overwhelming might of U.S.-led Allied airpower in World War II, the Korean War, and the vital role airpower played in Vietnam. It also shows the increasing use of transports to airlift food and medicine to disaster victims, as well as troops and equipment. America's progress in the development of aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles is also featured. Watch video
  Events Monthly Meetings–Chino, CA
1st and 3rd of each month
EAA Warbirds Squadron 16 Meetings are held every month on the 1st & 3rd Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Flying Tigers Aviation (East of Control Tower), 7000 Merrill Ave, Chino, CA. 91710. Info: Enrico Bottieri, Commander; Phone: 714-964-4864 Email:

Monthly Meetings–Cincinnati, OH
1st Thursday of each month
EAA Warbirds Squadron 18 Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of Feb., May, Aug, & Nov. at Tri-State Warbird Museum, I69 and the remaining months are held in the airman’s Club or member’s hangar at KLUK. (Weather permitting, meeting locations may be changed to Hangars at KLUK or KHAO.) Info: Jim Stitt, Commander, Phone: 513-241-1661 Email:
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