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  Editor's Note
QR Code QR Program Returns at AirVenture
By Bill Miller - Briefing Editor/Secretary, WOA Board of Directors

Again this year, Warbirds of America is providing access to specific warbird aircraft information through the use of QR (Quick Response) codes for each aircraft. This is a no-charge benefit provided by EAA Warbirds of America. Read more >>
  AirVenture 2013
AirVenture Anticipation High for AirVenture
By Harold Cannon, President, EAA Warbirds of America

The Fourth of July was a banner day in Kentucky. Not only was it my wife's first Fourth as an American citizen (after living here for over 20 years), but it was our first outing together in our DH-82A Tiger Moth. What a great holiday weekend! The summertime flying is great and should only get better as we all look forward to the annual pilgrimage to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Read more >>

  Warbirds in Review Warbirds of America AirVenture Update
By Rick Siegfried

Our annual convention, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, is just a few weeks away. Volunteers are busy getting everything ready, including in the Warbirds of America and Warbird Alley area, which will once again be a major focal point of the annual gathering. Here's a brief preview about what we have in store for the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. Read more >>

  Bud Anderson See New Bud Anderson Biopic Premiere at Oshkosh
To Fly and Fight, An American Life, a new biopic documenting the life and career of World War II triple ace and Vietnam War wing commander Colonel C.E. "Bud" Anderson, will premiere during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013. The documentary will be shown on Monday, July 29, at 1 p.m. and Saturday, August 3, at 1 p.m. in the EAA AirVenture Museum's SkyScape Theater. Read more >>
  Warbird News
Elkhart Warbird Gathering Elkhart Warbird Gathering - 2013
Mark your calendar on October 4 to 6 for this year's Warbird Gathering at Elkhart, Indiana, which looks to be a fun-filled weekend. This year's theme features Mike Gillian's Wildcat and the 75th anniversary of the North American T-6 Texan. Read more >>

  Cascade EAA Warbirds Life Cycle of the Warbird Owner
Some Warbirds of America squadrons publish newsletters that include many items such as activities, member information, calendars, events, articles of interest, and other topics. Below is a link to a very well done newsletter from the Cascade Squadron. The first article, "Life Cycle of the Warbird Owner," takes us through what its author, Frank Almstead, calls the "phases of ownership" (which doesn't necessarily mean holding a title to a warbird). Frank also discusses the importance of Warbirds of America squadrons in the "ownership" of warbirds. Read more >>
  Mission Profile
Panic Panic on Static Display
If you have been associated with a warbird aircraft on display at an event, then at some point you surely have had this experience. Even a highly experienced warbird owner, pilot, or volunteer has been embarrassed by a studied 7-year-old. The following is a humorous story as told by Steve Betzler. Read more >>
  GI News
EAA's B-17 Our Highest Honor: EAA Staffer Reflects on B-17 Tour
Chris Henry, EAA Member Services representative, provides a personal reflection on the value that EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast brings to vets and families. This really states how important it is to keep 'em flying. Read more >>

  B-17 bombing Sometimes, It's Not Really 'Just Luck'
Elmer Bendiner, B-17 navigator during World War II, tells this story of a bombing run over Kassel, Germany, and the unexpected result of a direct hit on the plane's fuel tanks.

Our B-17, the Tondelayo, was barraged by flack from German anti-aircraft guns. That was not unusual, but on this particular occasion our gas tanks were hit. Later, as I reflected on the miracle of a 20-millimeter shell piercing the fuel tank without touching off an explosion, our pilot, Bohn Fawkes, told me it was not quite that simple. Read more >>
  Gun Camera
Warbirds over the Beach Warbirds Over the Beach, Virginia Beach
Experience some great photo coverage from Nigel Hitchman - 161 images - mostly of warbird beauties from this year's Warbirds Over the Beach in Virginia Beach in May. Thanks, Nigel! View gallery >>

  Spitfire The History of the Spitfire
Here is a great full-length documentary on the history of the venerable Spitfire. It takes us on a video tour of the aircraft from design to its amazing war history. Originally released in 1976, the program includes conversations with the original designers and builders of not only the aircraft but the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. Watch video >>

  P-47 Color Footage Features P-47s
Another rare color video from World War II - this one includes great interior, exterior, and gun camera footage of P-47s from the 362nd Group, U.S. Army Air Corps, 377th Squadron combat pilots flying P-47 Thunderbolts. Watch video >>

  Aircraft Carrier Operations Aircraft Carrier Operations in Color
This video of World War II aircraft operations includes live battle scenes and other activities aboard an aircraft carrier filmed in color, considered very rare at the time. Watch video >>
July 20, Everett, WA: Allied Aces Day
Join us each summer when various planes from the Flying Heritage Collection are flown to keep them operational and exercised on a regular basis. View more details >>

July 26 - 28, Madison, WI: Heavy Bombers Over Madison
EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast, along with B-29 FiFi, B-24 Diamond Lil, C-45 Bucket of Bolts, SNJ-5, PT-26, T-6 Texan, P-51 The Brat III, F-16, and more. View more details >>

July 29 - August 4, Oshkosh, WI: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013
Visit us at the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration! View more details >>

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