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  Warbird News
AirVenture 2014 EAA Warbirds of America Plans AirVenture 2014 Warbird Air Shows
By Rick Siegfried, EAA Warbirds of America Board of Directors

We normally start thinking about what to do better at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on the last few days of the convention. It is no different this past year; we started meeting at the end of the convention and continue to do just that. Our goal is to make the warbird show safer and more enjoyable for our members to fly. Last year we designated Vlado Lenoch to head the coordination of the fighter groups and Paul Keppler to coordinate the jet flying. They will continue in those roles. The formation leads of each of the formation groups will coordinate that portion of the show. Read more >>

  National Warbird Operator Conference
The world's largest gathering of warbird owners, operators, maintainers, and suppliers will meet this month at the 20th National Warbird Operator Conference (NWOC), set for February 20 to 23 in Dallas, Texas.

The conference will focus on maintenance, operation, and regulatory aspects of warbird ownership. Vendors will be on hand to exhibit their wares and offer installation/usage assistance. The Cavanaugh Flight Museum has arranged for a private NWOC opening reception as well as dinner Saturday night. (See NWOC agenda.)

Our host city features two major airline hubs for easy transportation, a central location for better access, a world-class convention hotel, and the generous availability of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, which will roll out the red carpet for conference attendees.

More information and registration are available at the NWOC website.
  Mission Profile
Mission Profile Cecil Field - 65 Years Ago
Many former airfields across the United States hosted exciting and rapidly changing technologies. One such airfield is Naval Air Station Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida. A story from The Florida Times-Union describes how the arrival of jets was heralded as a defining moment in time for that Naval air station. Read more >>
  GI News
Robbie Risner Loss of an Elite Ace: Robbie Risner
A 9-foot statue of Korean War ace and Vietnam veteran Brigadier General James Robinson "Robbie" Risner still stands at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, but the man himself was lost to the world with his passing on October 22, 2013. Throughout his career, Risner earned three Distinguished Flying Crosses, two Silver Stars, eight Air medals and two Air Force Crosses among his other awards and decorations. Read more >>

  Bill Overstreet This Man Chased a German Fighter Plane Under the Eiffel Tower
People on two continents mourn the recent death of 92-year-old William Overstreet Jr. He was a resident of Roanoke, Virginia, a retired accountant, and like many men from his generation, a veteran of World War II. And in the spring of 1944, Overstreet did something people in France and the United States still talk about. Read more >>

  Vietnam Sea Story A Short Vietnam Sea Story: USN KA-3B vs. Russian Trawler AGI
By Richard Zanetti

The Russian "trawlers" (NATO designation: AGI for Auxiliary General Intelligence), with what looked like 1,000 "fishing" antennas, plied the Gulf of Tonkin on a daily basis. Needless to say, it was a cat-and-mouse game to see what havoc they could expend toward our two carriers operating there 24 hours a day. Read more >>

  Lockheed Skunk Works SR-71 Bad Day at Mach 3.2
The Lockheed Skunk Works SR-71 was a profound and unimaginable aircraft. It featured technological innovations and unheard-of performance. With such extreme flight conditions there were some extreme flight emergencies. The following describes one pilot's story. Read more >>

  POW Unbroken: The Story of One POW and the Tap Code
Many of our Vietnam POW airmen endured tremendous torture at the hands of their captors. Despite terrific punishment and maltreatment, they learned to secretly communicate with each other. This enabled them to resist their captors and maintain their high morale in the face of appalling conditions. The following is one such story of our finest and also describes the tap code they learned. Read more >>

  P-47 Uncovering a P-47: Discovery of Wreckage With Few Clues
In the Netherlands, a local amateur World War II archaeologist found that the remains of a recently discovered P-47 left little trace of its pilot. Remarkably, some of the larger pieces still retain their original colors and insignia. But the whereabouts of the flier are a mystery for these researchers. Watch video >>
  Test Flight
Maintenance and Restoration News

FAA Logo GA Included in NTSB's Latest 'Most Wanted List'
On January 16, 2014, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued its latest "Most Wanted List" designed to increase awareness of a select group of transportation safety issues. General aviation returns to the list this year, but with a fine-tuned focus on the role of hazardous weather in GA accidents. An NTSB fact sheet on the topic states that about two-thirds of all GA accidents that occur in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) are fatal - a rate much higher than the overall fatality rate for GA accidents. Hazardous weather is often the cause or a contributing factor to these accidents. Read more >>

  Basler Lead Transport C-47 for D-Day Is for Sale
Aside from their suitability to become BT-67s (the turboprop C-47 conversion), Basler Turbo Conversions of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, does not delve into the history of the C-47s and DC-3s on its ramp at Wittman Regional Airport. But this C-47 airframe has a unique history as a participant in the D-Day landings, according to a blog post on the airport's website. In fact, it's been verified as the lead aircraft for paratroopers of the Normandy Invasion. Read more >>
  Gun Camera
F-15 Modern-Day F-15 Air-to-Air Combat Footage
See a fascinating and exciting video montage of modern-day air combat flown by U.S. Air Force F-15 Eagles based at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. Comment from a fighter pilot: "This is without reservation the best video I have ever viewed about air-to-air combat...when the pilot got into a scissors or Lufberry, you can almost feel the g's!" The video is the 2012 Raytheon Award winner. Watch video >>

  Ordnance Men U.S. Navy Recruiting Film: Ordnance Men
During World War II, the Navy produced a prolific series of films for recruiting young men to join their branch of service. Here is once such film, titled "Aviation Ordnanceman."
Watch video >>

  Packard logo Packard Merlin War Department Video
During World War II, the Department of War produced many documentaries to inform the American public of the various industries involved in the production of military materials. One such movie film is the story of the Packard Merlin engine made in Detroit. This video shows the Motor City factories and the engine production as produced by the employees that worked at that plant. Watch video >>
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  From the EAA Warbirds Community
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B-36 Cockpit
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Manifold Pressure: Boost or Inches?
Beer, Brotherhood, and the Battle of Britain
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