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  Warbird News
AirVenture General AirVenture Information for Warbirds
We're coming up fast on another EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, and the Warbirds of America will again be among the most popular areas of the convention. Warbird pilots planning to attend are urged to review the details posted on the Warbirds of America website. There you'll find information on lodging, the AirVenture NOTAM, schedules, flying in the air show, aircraft judging, fueling, and other critical information. We'll see you in Oshkosh, July 28-August 3!

  Heavy Bombers Heavy Bombers Weekend at Madison Precedes Oshkosh
On the weekend before Oshkosh there's a terrific event in Madison, Wisconsin, involving up to a dozen warbirds including EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast and the B-25 Miss Mitchell owned by the Minnesota Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. Special flights will be available, featuring a night flight in the B-17 and flights in the P-51 Mustang Gunfighter. The special guest is surviving Doolittle Raider Dick Cole. View more details >>

  Brussels Air Museum of Brussels Belgium
The Brussels Air Museum is Belgium's largest aviation museum and has on display some unique aircraft from the first hours of flight to warbirds from World Wars I and II, along with postwar jets. Pieces represent Belgium military aviation history as well as foreign airplanes. This museum runs on a very limited budget but can count on some aviation enthusiasts volunteering to maintain the museum as well as restoring some airplanes. The AELR (Air-Espace-Lucht-Ruimtevaart) operates by the motto "Proud of the Past, Faith in the Future." Read more >>
  GI News
Submarine Rediscovering a Japanese Carrier Submarine
During World War II, Imperial Japan's massive I-400 submarine was shrouded in the highest levels of secrecy. For the next 68 years, 2,300 feet of ocean darkness concealed the world’s first sub capable of launching an offensive strike on mainland targets. But earlier this year, the twisted 400-foot colossus was discovered resting peacefully on the ocean floor off the southwest coast of Oahu. Read more >>

  Corsair Ace Navy Blue Fighter Pilot - Canada's Only Corsair Ace
Having learned the skills of the carrier pilot and plied his trade in the icy northern seas, young Don Sheppard now takes his hard-earned experience to the swelter of the Indian Ocean, fighting the desperate Japanese in their resource outposts. Presenting episode one of Navy Blue Fighter Pilot by Michael Whitby - a three-part series on the Second World War career of Corsair ace Lieutenant Donald Sheppard. Read more >>

Note: Used with permission from Vintage Wings of Canada

  U.S. Airmen Art Group Seeks to Preserve U.S. Airmen Art in England
Hundreds of examples of World War II wall art drawn by U.S. bomber crews at air bases in Eastern England will be documented in a new project. The preservation organization Eighth in the East aims to preserve the cartoons, murals, and graffiti painted by the crews between 1942 and 1945. Read the BBC account of this effort. Read more >>
  Test Flight
Maintenance and Restoration News

Superfortress Superfortress Doc Could Fly This Year
If all goes as planned, the B-29 Superfortress undergoing restoration inside a Boeing hangar in Wichita, Kansas, should fly by the end of the year. It will be the culmination of decades of work to find and secure the B-29 - called Doc - and bring it out of a California desert where it was used by the Navy as target practice.

Read the rest of this report from The Wichita Eagle. Read more >>
  Gun Camera
Photo Gallery Handle With (Extreme!) Care
Here's an amazing set of photos showing the preparatory operations for the first atomic bomb attack on Japan in 1945, including the B-29 Enola Gay being loaded with its dangerous cargo. Notice the "Top Secret" stamp on some of the photos, as well as the crude sheet metal work on the casing and fins of Little Boy, the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima that hastened the end of World War II. View gallery >>
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